Miscellaneous Good Stuff & Positive News Sun Pacific Mortgage & Real Estate Make top 500!

the first year that Sun Pacific Mort- gage has been awarded this dis- tinction.

As the

Publisher of the Journal states, “It took creativity and courage to make the


gic decisions that resulted in each company’s suc- cess.”

Sun Pacific

Publisher of Upbeat Note: Friends and sponsors of Up- beat Times wanted to let our readers know that


many years of hard work, quality service and dedica- tion has paid off! The Upbeat

Times is proud of their accom- plishments & friendship! Every year the NorthBaybiz publishes a special edition list- ing the top 500 revenue-pro- ducing companies in Sonoma and Marin Counties.

This is

Mortgage is a family-owned and operated business offering alterna- tive real estate

financing to all of California. It was founded in 1988 by husband and wife team, For- est and Lynn Tardibuono. To- day the Company employs six family members, and several

“adopted” members, who all work together to support their ever-growing business. Their desire to assist Realtors, Brokers and their Borrowers who needed fast financing or had been “turned down else- where”,

prompted them to

specialize in a specific type of financing: Hard Money or Private Money loans.


Money or Hard Money loans are mortgages funded by indi- viduals. Investors make loans to Borrowers who have equity in some existing loanable real estate or are looking to buy real estate. With this type of loan there are fewer qualifica- tions making for faster clos- ings. Among the thousands of loans, they have done over the past 31 plus years, there are single family and multi fam- ily home loans, land loans and small commercial loans. Sun Pacific Mortgage has

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enabled many “turned down elsewhere” conventional loan buyers to purchase their “for- ever home” or an investment property to add to their retire- ment portfolio.

Investors who invest in Hard Money loans are pleased to work with Forest and his son, Ken, because of the thorough job they do vetting their trust deeds offerings. The healthy interest income that they make far outweighs most other in- vestments on the market to- day.

As one of their referring Brokers posted: “The entire family and staff at Sun Pacific Mortgage are the best hands down.

They are honest, di-

rect, professional, quick, effi- cient and realistic.” Known as “The Guys in the

White Hats”, Forest and Ken, continue to serve a real estate segment that needs an alterna- tive financing “good guy” in their corner. With their proven track record of hard work, Sun Pacific Mortgage can look for- ward to many more years in the prestigious Top 500!


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opment, including senior-year course curriculum, gap-year internship structure, student recruitment and wrap-around support planning. More at or call (707) 708-7080. Me- dia contact: Kathy Goodacre, Executive Director ~(707) 708-7081 ~ kgoodacre@cte-


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