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Confidence is The Sexiest Club in One’s Bag

by James Fish •

Santa Rosa, CA. ~ Confidence is the sexiest club in one’s bag. It’s like having an extra club for all situations. It is hard to fi nd , very elusive and


most o t h e r - worldly. Y e t there are those athletes who find a way week in and week out to flex the moxie of their inner game muscle and channel it towards the climbing and con- quering of mountains. We need look no further

than the most recent playing of the Masters Tournament in Augusta, Georgia. It was only eighteen months ago that Ti- ger Woods looked to be a dead duck so to speak. Roger Malt- bie was in the Golf Mart to buy a rangefinder and he told me that, “Tiger is done. No way will he come back from four back surgeries.” I told him I respected him and his opinion but I begged to differ. I told him that I believed in my heart that Tiger would make a comeback and that it would be epic. I need to give this plate of crow to Roger Maltbie so that he can eat his words. When Tiger went on to win the Masters for a record-tying fifth time, it was nothing short of a miracle. The pundits were speechless, what could they say? Greatest comeback by an individual athlete of all-time would not be a stretch; at least it would rival Ben Hogan’s comeback from a near-fatal automobile accident. In both cases two apex athletes were able

to muster something extraordinary to climb back

from unfathomable odds to do the unthinkable. Not only win again but win big time tournaments and majors. Both athletes were gi ve n serious t a l e nt but what se p a - rated

them from their competitors was something unseen. It was an unflappable belief in some- thing numinous and mysteri- ous; their own unique ability to overcome overwhelming adversity and succeed again at the highest level. Will-power alone might get

you back onto the dance-floor but you may not win the con- test. That invisible force to conquer

mountains is what

some might call confidence. Experience as we all know is the greatest teacher around. There can be no substitute

for the knowledge that one gains from experience. Every person who plays this great game of golf already has a vast treasure-trove within themselves. It is vitally impor- tant to know how to distill the wisdom which comes from experience.

Once we have learned that

organic and self-reflexive pro- cess we are ready to face off. There can be no underesti- mating the power of practice and the discipline required to polish one’s craft. Out from that crucible of commitment a secret power is born and once we have it we can always bring it to the challenges be- fore us. Indeed confidence is the sex- iest club in one’s bag.

Live life and enjoy it. That’s the real key to beauty! ~ Michelle Visage UPBEAT TIMES, INC. • MAY 2019 • Pg 25

In A Word Respect your ...continued from page 23

kind, considering the needs of others too. It requires paying attention, being present to the living world around us, offer- ing generosity of spirit. My word for this month comes from Old French reference to courtly and highly, even ele- gantly proper. We’ve opportunities to be

richer in spirit, to unplug, be mindful and kinder. In a word, let’s keep courtesy common in our everyday lives. Gal or guy, that’s the surest etiquette. Shine deLight,

efforts, respect yourself.

Self-respect leads to self-discipline. When you have

both firmly under your belt, that’s

real power. Clint Eastwood JOKES & Humor #7

Q: What was the dogs favorite type of homework to do? A: A lab report

Q: How much money does a pirate pay for corn? A: A buccaneer.

Don’t interrupt someone working intently on a puzzle. Chances are, you’ll hear some crosswords.


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