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writer. It was life altering in many ways. Now, if an un- expected inheritance should ever happen, I’d buy an Italian villa, fill it with my entire fam- ily, and never look back. Tat was what I was thinking then, and it’s what I’m still thinking. I had no more finished and written a review for Root Cause, by Steven Laine, set in Tuscany, when I received an Email from Andrew Cotto. He’s written a novel entitled Cucina Tipica, and he wanted to know if I’d also read and review his book. If the book’s name didn’t just drag me in immediately (which it did), the fact that it was set in Tus- cany absolutely sealed the deal. Yes, indeed, I’d love to read this book... If only because -


Tipica is story about finding

like Steven Laine’s book Root Cause - the book still had me exploring Tuscany. (I’m not really ready to let anything Italian go.) Tis blog page is my evidence,

if you

an identity, for someone...”

just search on “Italy.” My recent readings, includ- ing Cucina Ti- pica, are keeping

a piece of my soul solidly on Italian soil.

About Andrew Cotto, from his Website

Andrew Cotto is the

award-winning author of three novels and a regular contributor to Te New York Times. Andrew has also writ- ten for Parade, Men’s Journal, Rolling Stone, Te Huffing- ton Post, Condé Nast Trav- eler, Italy magazine, Maxim, and more. He lives in Brook- lyn, New York, and is an educator

at local colleges.

If you’d like to know more about Andrew Cotto, this YouTube

video is very in-

sightful. com/watch?time_continue- =5&v=HjgNGQE9ucc

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The month May was named for Maia, the Greek goddess of fertility.

On May 1st, 1930 the planet Pluto was officially named.

On May 1st ,1941 Cheerios is first introduced.

Various forms of Mother’s Day have been celebrated by different societies throughout the history of the world. The official holiday in the United States, however, began with a lady named Ann Jarvis in 1868. Ann tried to establish a Mother’s Friendship Day after the Civil War. She wasn’t successful during her lifetime, however her daughter Anna Marie Jarvis began to work on a Mother’s Day holiday after Ann died.

In 1910 Anna Marie got the state of West Virginia to declare Mother’s Day an official holiday. The rest of the nation soon followed and in 1914 it was declared a national holiday by President Woodrow Wilson.

Te human bird shall take his first flight, filling the world with amazement, all writings with his fame, and bringing eternal glory to the nest whence he sprang.

Leonardo da Vinci

Nesting osprey at Lost Creek Reservoir, Oregon. Photo by P.A.D. Pg 22 • MAY 2019 • UPBEAT TIMES, INC. My inspiration comes from my real life experiences. ~ Lilly Singh

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