5th Annual Down Home Day is May 11th

Penngrove, CA. ~ Join us for the 5th annual Down Home Day! Sat. 11am-4pm: Family fun/fundraiser. Free admission. $1 par- ent & child games & contests. Free ac- tivities. Live music & entertainment. BBQ. Treats. Liba- tions. Grand Draw- ing. Location is 205 Orchard Lane, Penn- grove. $1

family Family Fun: Applesauce lenge

– Egg Toss Grown-

Up Face Painting – Feed the Chickens – Egg Relay – Help-Fire-Save-Me! –

Are In There? – How Much Does It Weigh?

– How Many –


Baby Photo Contest – Best Hat Photo Contest – Hugs & Kisses Photo Contest – Amaz- ing Pet Photo Contest – On-

Artful Arrangements is an agricultural

501(c)(3) non-

profit that finds affordable ways for parents and grand- parents and their children to play together that are fun (like Down Home Day) so the kids can practice in public what is being taught at home about

Lot’s of Chal-

the - Tractor Photo Contest – Parallel Family Play & Photo Contest – Quest.

SPRING GUIDE #3 Uptown Entertainment JOKES & Humor #3

good manners, social skills, and respect for elders – before they get cell phones. Volunteers park in

the field before a 10am orientation, and receive meal and drink tick- ets. Breaks are made possible by having at least two people at each booth. Lots of volun- teers make it possible to change places, have fun, or possibly leave early.

There will be

live music, a BBQ, hot dogs, a treats booth, cold beer (in chilled

mugs) in the Libation Station, and lots of free things to do and see in your free time. If interested, please call Execu- tive Coordinator H. Davis at 707-664-8656. Volunteers needed for Down

Home Day! Diane H. Davis,

Sept 21, 2019 Burning Ham -

Bacon - Beer - Bands

Penngrove, CA. ~ The Active 20-30 Club will host our 5th annual pork festival Burning Ham at Penngrove Park. The event is a creative celebration of delicious pork accompanied by Lagunitas Beer and local wineries. It will feature con- tests including Pork Desert, Pork Ribs, a Bacon Dish, and Pulled Pork. The event will also include whole roasted pigs and will be a family event with live music of local favorite bands. Location: Penngrove Park, 11800 Main St. Penngrove CA. 12:30 PM - 5:00 PM. This event is put on by and benefiting three Active 20-30 clubs; Petaluma #30; Sebastopol #63; and Rohnert Park #656. ~ Contact: Rachel Anderson ~ Email: ra- ~ Phone: 707-478-3993.

Alderman Curran, of New York City, worked his way through Yale College. Dur- ing his course he was kept very busy by the various jobs he did to help with his expenses. On graduation he went to New York, and was even busier than he had been in New Haven. After some months of life in New York, a friend met him and said,”Henry, what are you doing?” “I have three jobs,” replied Mr. Curran, “I am studying law, I am a news- paper reporter, and I am selling life insurance.” “How do you manage to get it all in?” said the friend. “Oh,” replied Mr Curran, “that’s easy enough. They’re only eight-hour jobs.”

An independent local Community Bank since 1890

Personal and Business Checking and Savings products and services: • Loans–Consumer and Business • Online Banking with Bill Pay and Paperless Statements–It’s the Greener way! • Youth Savings programs • ATM locations throughout Sonoma County for your convenience • A Customer Service team dedicated to answering your call before and after business hours

• We invite you to e-mail, call or visit us at any of our branches to answer your questions about how Exchange Bank can become your bank. 707.524.3000 or toll free 800.995.4066

I love pizza; you can’t really go wrong with pizza. ~ Nick Jonas

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