Stina! How are you doing? Pretty great thanks for asking. How’s things?

What can you tell me about the new album? This will be my first album taking Honeyblood on fully as a solo project. So, it feels very fresh and exciting for me! Creatively, it’s exactly where I want to be heading.

Tell me about how Honeyblood as a creative ‘machine’ (so to speak) has changed since Babes Never Die (which was my favourite album of 2016). Thankyou very much! I still love playing songs from that record. I wrote 30 songs for the new album and was really charged up for a new direction. I locked myself away for the best part of a year and wrote things a little differently, not always starting with a guitar line for example - maybe a synth or a melody.

How is ‘In Plain Sight’ different to your first two albums? It still chimes back to both the first and second records but has a lot more freedom. Actually, being a just one person means you don’t have to be held accountable to anyone else’s vision or creativity.

What have you got in store for the rest of the year? I think I’m going to be on tour

forever now. I’ve not toured for over a year and that’s both frightening and exhilarating. I love playing live so I’m sure it won’t be too long till I’m back in the swing of it.

What are some themes you tackle on the new album? I went through a bit of a turbulent year leading up to this record. I was feeling unsure about myself and what paths I’d been taking. This album is my way of working out that riddle.

Has this third album been a journey? If so, how? I guess it has! Los Angeles has a lot to do with it. I was there for just over a month and really let that dictate the way I felt about the songs. I spent a lot of the recording process reflecting which was really freeing.

What’ve you got in store for the live shows this spring? I don’t want to give too much away but I won’t be doing them alone that’s for sure! New band incoming...

Can you tell me anything about the visual design of the album--because Babes Never Die had such a good visual aspect with the album cover, and The Third Degree’s video is dark and mysterious? I’m just a bit spooky… I worked with the incredible artist Cecilia Paredes on the cover which was a dream

experience! I feel incredibly honoured to have worked with her. The video was directed by fellow Scottish babe Rianne White, who is also a force of nature.

Any festivals this summer? Yes, we’re confirmed for the main stage at both Citadel and Latitude… More are on the way.

How is the music scene in Glasgow? It’s better than anywhere else. Best bands, best patter.

How has this influenced you as an artist? It’s the creative space I grow all my ideas so I guess it’s a huge influence. There’s a lot of individuality in the music community of Glasgow. There’s something for everyone.

Any venues you really want to play at? I’m really sad about the demolition of the ABC as it was my favourite venue in Glasgow. I just don’t want to see any more legendary venues shutting due to negligence and ignorance.

Words Erin Bashford

Honeyblood play The Waterfront on April 30th


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