Australian Yorkshire, Kunekune, and

Hampshire are breeds of which animal?

True or false, the

Hippopotamus has webbed feet?

Originating in Norway

what kind of animal is a Dunker?

Which are the only birds known to be capable of flying backwards?

What special feature does a Salamander have which gives it an advantage when attacked by predators?

What type of animal is an Ibis?

Some Flamingos are

coloured pink because of what? a) eating

shrimps b) eating algea c) eating plankton

How many hearts does an octopus have?

Which tiger, considered to be the second largest tiger species in the

world, is the national animal of Bangladesh?

Which animal's kidneys are so efficient that urine comes out as a thick syrup and their faeces

are so dry that it can fuel fires.

History Which U.S. President

signed the bill limiting the driving speed to

55mph to conserve fuel?

In 1972 Rose Heilbron became what? a) The first female conductor

of the Halle Orchestra b) The first female member of the Cabinet c) The first female judge to sit at the Old Bailey

In 2004 the NASA rover Spirit landed

successfully on which planet?

The French were

defeated by the British in what proved to be their last attempt to capture which island in 1781?

2001 saw the completion of the project to map the genetic structure of the human body. What was the project called?

In which year was the World Wide Web's first web page published?

What event took place in 1985, watched by a global audience of 1.9 Billion from 150 countries?

Henry Ford is credited

with bringing affordable transportation to the mass market with which vehicle?

“A lot of Leave voters say ‘Stop complaining, it’s democracy!’ Well democracy doesn’t always work. If five people democratically elect to take your iPhone, it’s a mugging.” – Dane Baptiste

What did Britain say to its trade partners? “See EU later.” – Anon

“I voted Remain, not just for political reasons but because my mum’s moved to Spain and I want her to stay there.” – Leo Kearse

“I was angry about the whole Brexit and free movement thing but then I realised I haven’t been on a holiday since 2012 and I’m broke anyway so how much worse can it get?” – Kae Kurd

“Why does Britain like tea so much? Because tea leaves.” – Anon

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