The Fat White Family

What have you been up to since the last album? We’ve moved back down to London, writing new songs that sorta thing- the album’s been in the works for the past two years.. Do you prefer spending time in the studio or gigging? I don’t separate them at all, I don’t really like the effects aſter being on stage on the brain y’know, but I like being on the road. I guess I sort of enjoy the studio aspect more, but I do really like the live aspect. They’re both good, though honestly. Do you find touring takes a toll on you at all? Not me, nah, not personally. But it’s good to be healthy, eat good man and live good so you can rock ‘n’ roll harder. Eat at the dinner table every day and enjoy that part of life. Is the disco vibe of Feet going to be used throughout the album do you think? Is it a new direction for you guys? Nah, it’s just a couple of tracks isn’t it – don’t worry about that. Your most recent release Looks Good With The Money has Baxter Dury as a guest performer, how did that come about and do you think there’ll be more guest appearances in the future. He’s a friend of the band, and yeah – we had a bit of space in that song and we thought we should put a monologue in it, and we chose Baxter Dury! It wasn’t


my decision but yeah, as for guest appearences, probably not. You’ve moved back to Sheffield, how has that affected you guys? If it wasn’t for Sheffield, the album wouldn’t be what it is. It wouldn’t exist at all. You can’t stay in regions too long. Does location play a role in the music a lot then? What movement has shaped your music? Me and my brother moved around a lot, and I think that had something to do with it. Like moving from Scotland, to Ireland and Northern Ireland definitely had an effect. But I guess really, it’s just about the chuckle. What is it like being in the band with your brother? It’s good, people can’t mess with us- it’s good to be near him. Your shows are known for their chaos, why do you think that is? It’s born out of the chuckle man, honestly it’s just trying to have a bit of a chuckle. Are there any musicians that inspire that? I like music, I’m all around though. I like hits. When I was growing up, I can remember the first men in black soundtrack, but I was already sort of thinking of being a musician then. My biggest brother is the guy who got me and my brother really into the music culture. Without him, Fat White Family wouldn’t exist. How did Fat White Family come about?

Well, me and my brother had a band, the Saodis and Saul had a band, the Metros and all those bands dissolved fat white style. What’s the average day like for you? A lot of misery. Nah not misery- I wake up, have some food- I like to play some music then I dunno I like walking, I’ll walk my friend’s dog then I dunno- try and have some chuckles. What would you like the future of Fat White Family to be like? I dunno man... but uh the band hopefully stays healthy, keep producing music and I’ll try my hardest to be good. Keep trying to be entertaining and try and spread the chuckles a bit. Do you see yourself as an entertainer, then? I’m not a working man, but I love doing music yeah, it’s all entertainment isn’t it, why not. Better than watching fucking marvel or something, those things……! Speaking of (cell) division, do you reckon you can summarise Brexit in three words? You can’t even fit in a billion words let alone three, man… NO CAN DO. Yeah that’s it, no can do.

Words Callum

The Fat White Family Play The Waterfront on 14th May

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