10 March 2019 Halesworth & Southwold Community News News from the Hoppa

WE have been running the Hoppa on a Saturday from the beginning of February and are very pleased with the response and

passenger numbers.

This will definitely become a permanent addition to our timetable. At present we have to run it as a free service until we register it with the Traffic Commissioner. If you live off the Hoppa Route (Halesworth/ Holton) please ring Friday

morning to make sure your name is written on the daily sheet as the office is not open on a Saturday. We still have no news from

the Department for Transport about the future of Community Transport. As this has taken so long we are just continuing as normal and hoping that the government will see sense and not cut Community Transport. Halesworth has lost so much

and with the imminent cuts to the bus services to Norwich, Beccles and Southwold it would be a travesty to lose the Hoppa as well. Just to remind you all anyone can use the Hoppa. It is not age specific. If you have a bus pass it’s free. If you are a paying passenger its £1.50 anywhere in Halesworth and Holton. Child fares (under 16) are 50p, infants under 5

free. You can hail the Hoppa anywhere along its route. Just wave the driver down when you see the bus. Timetables are available

on the bus, at the office at the train station, the library and Town Council offices. The Co-op

and surgery display

our timetable. Also it can be downloaded from our website

ST Mary's Church, Halesworth was full on February 11th at a Thanksgiving service for the life of Mr Ezra Leverett who passed away peacefully at his home in Halesworth on January 15th 2019 aged 72 after suffering from a debilitating illness borne with fortitude for nearly a year. The service was conducted by the Revd Pam Bayliss, Methodist Minister in the area, and opening music was 'Au Clair De La Lune'. The hymns “For All the Saints”, “He Who Would Valiant Be” and “Jerusalem” were sung with Jason Busby on the organ. A Bible reflection was from Ecclesiastes Chap. 3 v 1:10 (For Everything there is a season). A tribute to Ezra's early life was given by boyhood friend Mr Terry Hodgson of Yoxford who said that Ezra grew up there in a family with a strong Methodist and Socialist ethos. His father gave him a copy of Pilgrim's Progress as a young boy and the life of John Bunyan formed a basis for his beliefs throughout his life. After leaving Saxmundham Secondary School Ezra started an apprenticeship as a waiter (sommelier) at the Bell Hotel in Long Melford, but waiting on those who considered themselves better didn't suit and he gave it up but soon found other work. Mr Hodgson also related some amusing incidents and escapades associated with their teenage years together when they were free spirits with few cares. After joining the Labour Party Young Socialists their political education included a trip to Glasgow to visit the Upper Clyde shipyard where the

workers were continuing

to work after the company had tried to shut down and make them redundant. Mr Howard Lay, a fellow councillor, gave a powerful appraisal of Ezra's political life in which he described him as a comrade, friend and brother- in-arms. He believed that we were given a life to make a difference, to enhance the lives of others and to civilise, and that in his veins flowed the blood of a radical, a progressive restless for change and transformation. With his energy and passionate oratory Ezra was a rebel who burned with a desire for justice. As deputy leader and then leader of Waveney District Council he took his opportunity; strategies on housing, the environment,

MR. EZRA LEVERETT - A MAN FOR GOOD Others present included:

economic development and infrastructure transforming the area. He was an innovator determined to do the right thing irrespective of party labels, passionate and strong in his convictions he achieved far more for his community and the people he lived among than he would have done as an MP. He was strong in his convictions, but he always listened and he always forgave. At Ezra's request his brother-

in-law, Vincent Tunney, spoke of his love of football and his allegiance to Manchester City, a team 250 miles away where he was a season ticket holder. As the end drew near and knowing that he only had a few months to live Ezra received a surprise boost that cheered him. Vincent had organised a message of support from Manchester City Captain Vincent Kompany. The Belgian defender made the short video clip to the Suffolk based supporter. He said “Hey Ezra, it's Vinney, I'm here with Belgium now, with the national team. I heard you're a lifelong City Blue. I just wanted to wish you strength and tell you that all of us are with you and grateful for your support. So, just waving (at) you from Belgium. Take care.” The precise details of why this Suffolk-raised man supported Manchester City are unclear as lots of different stories are lost in the midst of time. As President of Norwich Road Rangers Ezra decided that the home strip was to be in Man City's red and black and the away strip was light blue. Music played at interludes included a solo of “Blue Moon” sung by Polly Gibbons to a piano accompaniment and there was a jazz rendering of “Take Five”. A tribute by Simon Raven, a former council colleague, and the poem “Memorial” were read by the Reverend Bayliss. The immediate mourners

were his wife, Sandra, Mr & Mrs J Leverett, Nicholas Leverett and Madi (sons), Joanne and Louis (daughter), Mr & Mrs L Chaplin (stepson), Alex Reid, Ezra Leverett, Isaac Leverett, Abigail Leverett, Stanley Chaplin (grandchildren), Mr & Mrs V Tunny (brother-in-law), Mrs Maureen Cubbage (sister- in-law), Andrew Cubbage (nephew), Jenifer Moore (niece), Mr & Mrs A Robinson, Miss J Childs, Liz Emsden (cousins).

Trevor & Rosemary Adcock also rep Robert & Andy Adcock and Mr & Mrs Gardham, Anne & David Andrews also rep Maureen Cargill and Armorel & Miles Lambert, A Attfield, Jodi Avery, Brian Bale, Kim Ball also rep the Ball family and Charles Langlois, Yvonne Barnett, Beryl Smith, Chris Whyte, Barbie, Dusha Bateson, Patricia Barber, Julie Howell, Mary Ward, Gerry Barber, Andrew Bardsley, Caroline Bardsley, Liz Best, Paul Wilson, Jen Berry, Mr & Mrs Colin Bird, Mick & Charlotte Binder, Bob Blizzard, Mr & Mrs R Borrett, G & E Brame, Aidan Branch, Danny Block, Steve Block also rep the Block family, Dot Booley, Gerald Burne, Alice Bull and Garry Booth, Paul Bullen, Kate Button, Mike Button, Jason Busby, Freya, Ali, Campbell, Rita & Trevor Carter, John & Christine Cash, Bruce Catchpole, Gill Catchpole, Nutty Waters, Tony Casement, Trevor Chenery, Carl Chenery, Carolyn & Philip Clarke, Marion & Jonathan Clarke, Malcolm Cliff, Margaret Cunnell, Cora, Barrie Davis, Simon & Dawn Deakin, Betty Ingram, Diane & Paul, Nick & Sharon Dewhurst, Andrew & Suzanne D, Simon Draper, Carole & Derek Draper rep Halesworth Lions, Karen Lovett, Martin & Alison Ducker, Josie Dutton, Peter Dutton, Roy Excell rep the Excell & Newson family, Charles Elliott, Harry Fairbrother, Anne Fleming, Michael Fleming, Steve Foster, Willie Free, Danella Frith, Dorothy Frost, Ray French, David & Jennifer Frowde, John Fryatt, Mary Gagg, Stuart Gagg, Ali Gillings, Ron & Jean Goodson, Vicki Graystone, Ronnie & Graham Gwghin, Hugh Hales & David Blyth, David Hancy, Linda, Patrick & Hannah (HPF), Mark Hanner, Paul & Joyce Harper, Daisy & Poppy, Geoff Harriman, Norman Hatcher, James Holloway, Pat & Brian Holmes, Maureen & Ben Holzer, Alan & Rita Hostler, Colin Huggins & Mary Gundry, Brian & Sheila Hunter, Paul & Alison Hydes, Bill Jackson, Roger Jackson, Naomi Jaffa, Felicity & Robert Jelliff, Mrs Susan Jermyn, Mark & Ruth Jeremy and Angela Gayle, Andrew Jones and Sue Read, Jo Jordan, Annette Johnson, Janet Jeffries also rep Mick, Alan



Twinning Events 2019

& Mark & Mo Foster, Sarah Cook rep Briony & Emily, Karon King, Katie, Georgie & Julian, Kate & Bob Kent, Mike & Janet King, Graham & Diana Knights, James Kohler, Sorina Kohler, Valerie Large, Howard & Hilary Lay, Rosemary & Dave Lewis, Alistair Main, Harry & Sherlyn Mann, Perry Mann, Shirley Mann, Mr & Mrs Stephen Marchant, Alan Martin, Sandy Martin, Mr & Mrs David McMorran, David & Cecilia Metherell, Torben & Pamie Merriott, Roger Miller, Deborah Miller, Moireen Mihill rep Tonia & Jacob, John & Wendy Mills, Lesley Moore, Carolyn Mortlock, Mike Mortlock, Caroline Mummery, Julian Munson, Derek Newby, Bob Newson, Richard Nichols, Bill & Fiona Pagan, Kirsty Palmer, Jason Flint, Gemma Kett, Dean Parkin, Hazel Brock, Ginny Payne, Trevor Payne, Nick Patrick rep Sid & Amy, Teresa Peck, Rob Pymar rep Pymar family, Simon Raven, Clare Richardson & Arlo, Helen Roscoe & Ian Cook also rep Bethan & Cerys Roscoe, Nikki Sawkins, Margie & Bob Shiers, Thomas Shiers & Scott Spindler, Diane & Bob Snowden, David & Anne Sowter, Tom & Clare Spindler, Gary Stannard, Rachael & Shawn Stammers , Colin Squire, Betty E Smith, Christine Smith, Tony & Dawn Smith, Wendy Smith, Pat Standbridge, Stuart and Sam, Ruth Summers, Tamsin, Eddie Taylor & Paul Bradley rep East Suffolk Building Preservation Trust, David & Teresa Thomas, Simon Tooth & Linda Gough, Lonz & Pat Townsend, Charlotta Trimby, Sue & Trots, Len Wagner, David Wollweber, Gwen & Simon Woolner, Barry Woolnough, Sheila Filby Woznow, Haward Wright, Jan Wright, Mrs Ruth Wright, Mr W Kemp also representing Joan Kemp and Pearce & Kemp Ltd. A Committal Ceremony took

place at Waveney Memorial Park Crematorium earlier in the day and there were family flowers. Donations in memory of Ezra are invited for The Cut and Halesworth Community Sport and Leisure and may be sent to Woolnough Funeral Service, The Cemetery Chapels, Holton Road, Halesworth. IP19 8HD.

Derek Newby

WE have 4 events planned for the coming year: 1. Eitorf. Weekend April 27th/28th. We’re looking for volunteers to help us with our stall selling ciders etc at their Spring Fair. We usually fly out to Cologne airport, where we are picked up by our host family or a 45 minute trip by train to Eitorf. This is an annual event and an ideal opportunity to meet some very friendly German people over a glass of Aspall’s cider or French wine (from the Bouchain stall next door). The (covered) Market itself is a showcase for the local business community and an important civic occasion with speeches by the local dignitaries, live music and a busy atmosphere over the two days. You also have the opportunity to be taken out by your hosting family. Come and try it! 2. Halesworth. Weekend June 15th/16th. It’s our turn

to host our Twin Towns; this year we will celebrate our Silver Anniversary with Eitorf! We will be having the main celebration on the Saturday evening and a trip out to a local place of interest on the Sunday. If you’re interested in helping or just coming, please let me know. The more the merrier! 3. Eitorf Weekend September 7th/8th. They are celebrating a Triple Anniversary in Eitorf 850 years old combined with our Silver Anniversary and a Ruby Anniversary with Bouchain! I’m sure it’ll be a wonderful weekend, probably with an organised trip to one of the many wonderful places nearby in the Rhine Valley! This is too good to miss! 4. Bouchain Weekend December 7th/8th. We’re looking for volunteers to help us with our stall selling food and drinks at their Christmas market. This annual event is

very popular and an opportunity to meet the locals over a cup of tea, a glass of mulled cider, a hot toddy or some Glühwein from the Eitorf stall next door! You will also have the opportunity to be taken out by the

French Twinning group and your hosting family. You may like to combine your visit to one of the other Christmas markets or places of interest nearby. Call me for details if you’re interested in going. It’s an ideal opportunity to get into the Christmas spirit! In this year of uncertainty about our relationship with Europe, it’s important to remember; Brexit May mean Brexit but Twinning is still Twinning!!

Dean Price

Chairman of Halesworth Twinning society 01986 873283

Sizewell C Nuclear power station consultation Public consultation stage 3

Dear Sir/Madam,

(January 4th to March 29th 2019) stages.

May I through your pages draw your readers attention to the inadequate road infrastructure proposed to serve the Sizewell C nuclear power station. The roads have been designed

for motor vehicles, and many minor roads used by cyclists and others have been cut by the proposals. In some instances cyclists are being expected to use the new roads amongst heavy goods vehicles where they are extremely vulnerable. The few crossings proposed will concentrate traffic and lead to queuing, delays and increase the chances of accidents when people get impatient


misjudge opportunities to pull out. Cars and cyclists alike, once on the road, are being expected to sit and wait for gaps in oncoming traffic to complete a crossing, and this is a dangerous proposal given the traffic flows predicted. Our club is calling for proper consideration to be given to the impact the proposals will have on cycling, health, safety, tourism, and the economy of the area. The points we are making are as follows: All existing roads to be crossed by the proposed new road

and bypasses should

be maintained open for use in the interest of amenity so that leisure and tourism are not adversely affected, and to ensure the safety of all road users.

If it is not possible to construct underpasses then crossing points

should be

constructed with central refuge points to allow safe crossing in

On no account should cyclists be expected to cycle with the traffic on the major road, for even the shortest of distance before entering a refuge. On no account should cyclists be expected to cycle with the traffic on the major road, as shown on the Theberton Bypass proposal. A single lane road of this nature with the traffic flows predicted is not conducive to the “Safe Passing” initiative promoted by the Police and Cycling UK, such a proposal is inherently

dangerous and

takes no account of cyclists vulnerability. On no account should a single crossing point be considered as this will (A) concentrate traffic, pollution, wear and erosion and queuing which will lead to frustration, impatience, misjudgements and accidents, and (B) make the road unusable for cyclists. In the interest of the amenity,

leisure, tourism and health your proposals need to consider the wider impact on cycling, around the park and ride sites and the freight handling sites. Particularly

with the interest regard to

mixing vehicles associated with these sites on roads used regularly by cyclists. In

of the

amenity, leisure, tourism and health your proposals need to consider the wider impact on Cycling, with regard to existing patterns of movement of cyclists, and ensure that your planned infrastructure changes do not reduce accessibility. Specifically how your proposals impact on the national cycle

route that crosses the A12 very close to the southern end of the Stratford and Farnham bypass and to the lane to the north of the “North park and ride”. Whilst after the construction

of the Stratford and Farnham bypass is complete the village will be safe to cycle through, this will only be accessible if a satisfactory safe crossing is included on the new bypass for the minor road which it crosses, which is in turn a national cycle route.

These points obviously relate

to cycling, but are equally applicable to walking and horse riding in the area. If you are a car driver these minimum provisions also help you continue to enjoy our wonderful county in the way you always have. In our view it is important to maintain unlimited access for residents and visitors, as many businesses linked to leisure and tourism depend on these. Further information and the questionnaire can be obtained at Please help put pressure

on EDF Energy to build infrastructure fit for purpose and the future, not just so they can build their power station. You can do this by completing a consultation


and making your views known. You can do this wherever you live, it is not just restricted to the local area.

Yours sincerely Maurie Parish --

President, CTC Suffolk group. (Part of Cycling UK)




Yew Tree Farm, Pulham Market, Diss, Norfolk, IP21 4XN

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