News Good rating for care home

RESIDENTS were happy to toast the success of a care home in Bearsted which has earned a good rating fromthe Care Quality Commission.

OliveMcConnell, a landlady for

32 years at pubs inMaidstone in- cluding the formerWhite Lion in Knightrider Street and The Royal Albion, described Barty House as a wonderful place to live, as she raised a glasswith friendHelen Is- rael. The ladies, who are pictured right, have lived at the home for nearly four years. Olive said: “What could be bet-

ter than living in a place sur- rounded by kind people and staff who care for you around the clock.” Inspectors focused on five key

areas to rate the residential home on safety, effectiveness, caring, leadership and being responsive to residents’ needs. Agreeingwith their finding that

“residentswere treatedwith kind- ness and compassion and staff un- derstood the importance of promoting and respecting peo-

Tractor blaze

THEA249 DetlingHillwas closed as emergency services battled a tractor blaze on January 25. Two fire engines were called to

the Sittingbourne-bound carriage- way and crews brought the flames under control using foam. Fuel had escaped from the

stricken vehicle, andfirefighters re- mained after the incident to make the road surface safe.

Nature talk

LOCAL government ecologist, Dr Iain Boulton, was in Grove Green at theweekendto givemembers of MaidstoneRSPBan insight into his inner citywildlifework. Dr Boulton deals with nature

conservation at Lambeth council and discussed how he and col- leagues support protected species, particularly birds and bats, in urban environments.

Vehicle arson

ALORRY and vanwere set on fire in a suspected arson attack near Sutton Valence. Fire crews raced to the scene at

8.25pm on January 28 where they used breathing apparatus, hoses and foamto extinguish the blaze. Kent Fire andRescue Service say

the blaze was caused deliberately and Kent Police appealed for wit- nesses.

8 Maidstone East March 2019 Leedspanto‘asuccess’

A PANTO with a major input by the young people of Leeds village yet again raised the roof. Family ties, an enthusiastic en-

semble and a hard-working back- stage crew saw strong ticket sales for Sleeping Beauty in the Fifties. The pantowas given a twistwith

1950s rock’n’roll music and a plot which drifted across five centuries. It was the Leeds Amateur Dra-

matic Society’s directorial debut for student Felicity Poulter, of Sut- ton Valence, who won plaudits for the immense hard work and mul- tiple technical elements, costume changes and special effects. The cast and crew were: Felicity Poulter (director)GeorgiaWallace,

Bella Lagden, Paul Cordier, Hrisi Gyuretsova, JudeWenham, Lesley Finlay, Angus Poulter, Ben Man- ning, Megan Wallis, Astrid Finlay, Rachel Brooke, Jane Hopgood Cowan, Sue Finnis, Evangeline Wenham, Celestina Menenes- Bautista, Otis Menenes-Bautista, Jane Newsome, Gloria Irvine, Tammy Coles, Eve Poulter, Alice Dyer, Bryony Betts, Jane Steele, Bernie Hughes, Justin Poulter, Emily Wallace, Keelan Shrimpton, Katelyn Wallis, Emily Irvine, Mel Comins, Harriet Poulter, Jason Hazelhurst Louise Menenes- Bautista and Jack Townson. Keep in touch with LADS news on facebook at@LADSamdram.

ple’s privacy, dignity and inde- pendency”,Helen added: “This is a wonderful place to be. I get my hair done regularly and there are plenty of activities.” During the two-day inspection, which was unannounced, resi-

dents and their families, aswell as staffwere asked for their views on the home in Roundwell. All com- mented on the high level of care and commitment to residents, which helped earn it an outstand- ing grade for responsiveness.

The report added that residents

received “individualised” care that increased their self-worth and well-being. There were also inno- vative approaches supporting people to live a happy and ful- filled life. Commenting on the grading,

the inspector said: “People were supported to follow their likes and interestswith awide range of social activities within the service and in the local community.” Barty House (formerly known

as BertieHouse)was built in 1870. The grade II property has been ex- tended and now offers nursing, respite and residential care for 57 elderly residents. Jacqui Butler, manager at the

home for 10 years, said the good report reflected the range of facil- ities provided at the care home and the family feel nurtured by staff.

Parish council’s

power balance A CALL has gone out for vil- lagers to enhance the “balance of power” on Lenham’s parish council. The council will be up for re-

election onMay 2, andmembers hope thatmorewomen andmore younger people can be encour- aged to throw their hat into the ring this time. LenhamParishCouncil’s clerk

Margo McFarlane told Downs Mail: “This will be to elect the entire council, which we do every four years, and there are 13 vacancies. “We are keen to see applica-

tions fromyounger parishioners, and women also remain in the minority,with only one of the 13 posts held bywomen. Certainly, in my nine years as clerk, only two have joined the council.” Newly-elected members will meet for the first time onMay 8, when the chairman and vice chairman are appointed, along with committee members for planning, finance and general purposes. Anyone interested in standing

as a prospective councillor should email hello@lenhampar-

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