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CHAIRMAN: BobHinderCLERK: Pauline BowderyASSTCLERK:Melanie Fooks ParishOffice, BeechenHall,Wildfell Close,Walderslade,ME5 9RU

Tel: 01634 861237 email: Website: Contact details for parish councillors can be obtained fromthe parish office, the Useful Contact Details leaflet or the website Trafficworry

GROVE Green faced chaos with Grovewood Drive North being closedbetweenNewCutRoadand Provender Way for up to nine days, starting on February 16. The only access to the residential

area, St John’s School and the shops, including a 24-hour store and petrol station, will be via Grovewood Drive South and ProvenderWay. The parish coun- cil has been trying to liaise with KCCand PersimmonHomes,who are installing a zebra crossing,with concerns about thenumber ofvehi- cles trying to use the one entrance and the ability of buses,HGVs and other vehicles to safely use the two roads. Chairman Cllr BobHinder,who

is pressing for temporary traffic lights at the Grovewood Drive South and New Cut junction said: “Residents ofGroveGreenmust be wondering what they’ve done to deserve such an onslaught.”

Schools plans

THE Parish Council’s Environ- mentCommitteemeeting attracted 191 people to hear parish council- lors object to the proposed two schools atPopes Field,Weavering. Over 35 residentshadtobe turned

away when the hall was full. Chair Cllr Wendy Hinder said: “This is only the beginning.With amended plans expected for an entrance off Kent Medical Campus, but with a pedestrian entrance still on Bearsted Road, everyone will have to write againtoMBC.”

Precept rise

THE parish council has set its pre- cept for 2119/20 at £113,335, equat- ing to an increase of roughly £1.52 per annum for Band D properties, the new charge being £29.14. In making the recommendation Cllr Ivor Davies, Chair of Finance, ex- plained that the cost of services and materialsandthedemandsmadeon the councilhadcontinuedtorise.At the same time MBC had cut the grantmade under the Parish Serv- ices Scheme by 20%. The 19/20 budgetwill be on itswebsite.

22 Maidstone East March 2019

Fury after snow-laden trees closemajor road

BOXLEY’s north ward atWalder- slade and Lordswood made na- tional news when it received approximately 10cms of snowina sudden and unexpected storm. WaldersladeWoods Road (pic-

tured) was closed for two days whilst KCC cleared fallen trees. Boxley Parish Council and resi-

dents have long raised concerns about the need for radicalmainte- nance on the trees liningWalder- sladeWoods Road. ChairmanBobHinder said: “It is

disgraceful that the treeswhich are on public land haven’t been regu- larlymaintained. “Every time there is a stormone

or two trees come down and they’ve just been cut up and put to the side.” He said that the day before the

snow, the councilwas toldmainte- nance on the KCC land had been arranged.CllrHinder added: “This is amajorA road and this should- n’t have happened. “We all knowfinancial cutbacks

are causing issues but this has causedmajordisruption andwas a clear health and safety issue.

“The parish clerk has counted

496 trees removed fromthe verges andwith the road being closed for two days, this indicates how neg- lectful the authorities have been.” A further three to four-day clo-

sure ofWaldersladeWoods Road was put in place from 9am-3pm from February 12, so contractors could under take tidying up and further treemaintenancework. Residents are reporting that the

loss of somanytreeshas resultedin more noise pollution fromtheM2. CllrHinder said: “The parish of- fice was notified at just gone mid-

day on the 11th about the emer- gency closure, but using its com- munity email alert system,website and Facebook, the news soon got out.” On the first day of the planned

work, an additional 158 treeswere marked for felling, coppicing and maintenance and thiswas only on half ofWaldersladeWoods Road. Additional trees have been

felled/maintained by KCC in the surrounding areas andtheWalder- sladeWoodland group volunteers have also been out to clear foot- paths.

No decision on traffic orders

THE parish council’s environment committee received a copy and summary of the responses received aspart of thepublic consultationon suggested restricted parking road traffic orders for parts of Grove Green. Membersdecided, thatdue tothe

number of conditions accompany- ing residents’ comments, itwas not right for the parish council to reach a conclusion on whether restricted parking is put in place. Whilst the majority of residents

wanted restricted parking, many felt that they and their visitors

should not be inconvenienced, nor should residents have to pay for permits. Therewere alsomany dif- ferentviews about the times that the restriction should apply andmany residentswanted the times split, to stop parents dropping off or pick- ing up children from St John’s School. Committee chair Cllr Wendy

Hinder said: “I’d like to thank the residents who volunteered to de- liver and collect these question- naires. I want to assure them that their hardworkwas not in vain, as a number of issues were identified

that it is felt could easily be imple- mented by KCC, which will hope- fully deal with some of the problems and the parish council will be pursuing these.” The results have been passed to

Kent County Council and the de- veloper. A site visit with KCC Highways

has been requested (during school pick-up time) to discuss possible additional yellow lines on other junctions and close to drop down kerbs,

including stretches on

ProvenderWay to allowa “passing area” between parked cars.

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