about four years ago. Operation Brock Highways England had brought in floodlights to the back of some properties along theAshford Road/Park Gate area. Theworkwas happening at night leading to noise and light pollution for the residents. Itwas feared that the strengthening andwidening of the motorway hard shoulder breached a covenant agreement on the land of one of the properties, resulting in themotorway being too close to homes. The residents had contactedMPs HelenWhately and TomTugendhat aswell as transport secretary Chris Grayling. Speedwatch The clerk had been in touch with parish clerks fromneighbouring villages and onewas also keen to start a Speedwatch group,which could enable Hollingbourne to share costs of the equipment. Parks report CllrMarshall confirmed that maintenanceworkswould be carried out on the pathways and pond in the MillenniumGreen in spring. The new tree, an amelanchier Robin Hill, had been planted on Tanyard Greed, replacing the one that had died. The replacement tree would be amemorial to CllrAlan Benne� and the clerkwas sourcing a plaque. TwinningA twinning commi�eemeeting had taken place as both Holllingbourne and Templeuvewerewilling to keep the relationship alive. Cllr Cobbe�was waiting for a further update fromcontacts in Templeuve.


KCC report Cllr Gary Cooke said KCC was still carrying out the studies associatedwith the Leeds Langley relief road andMBC was still continuingwith its judicial reviewagainst KCC.A public meeting regarding the relief road had been delayed. Budget The 2019/20 budgetwas unanimously agreed and the precept would rise by 2.5%. Street lighting Column 31, at the

AHOUSE was broken into in Ragstone Road, Bearsted. Ahousewas broken into and cashwas

stolen in CroftGardens, Lenham. Ahousewas broken into in Yeoman

Way, Bearsted, and an orange and black Carrera bicyclewas stolen. Person/s broke into a container stealing

various gardening equipment in Bearsted Road, Boxley. Ashed at a housewas broken into in

OthamLane, Bearsted. Someone broke into a public house and

stolemoney fromfruitmachines and safes inWest Street,Harrietsham. Amountain bikewas stolen inWingrove

Drive, Bearsted. Acaravanwas broken into inDunn

Street Road, Boxley. Avan forced itsway under the height

restriction barrier at a car park in Forstal Road, Boxley damaging it.

entrance to Ledian Farm,was said to be corroded at the base andwould need a�entionwithin a year. Itwas agreed to get a quote for this. Maintenance Itwas agreed to roll over the present contract given the good standard ofwork being carried out. The bench in Lower Streetwas to be revarnished. Therewas concern that maintenance at the lower end of the villagewas lacking. Itwas imperative that residentswho are unhappywith maintenance should contact the clerk with their concerns. Playground Two residentswere given a briefing about the proposals, namely using the existing tarmac area near the pavilionwith an additional area to allow the re-siting of the slide, roundabout and cradle swings, a newdouble flat swing, bench and li�er bin. The surfacewould be covered in a rubber safety compound and fenced off back to the boundary bench.A footpathwould be installed using plastic insertmaterial. Thiswas agreed and quoteswould be sought. Tennis courtsA £5 depositwas now required for the key, but thiswould cover the depositor for 12months, removing the need to go the The George for keys. Itwas hoped thiswould encourage be�er use of the facility.


Power lines Cllr Sams had received information that Power Networks had been asked to investigate the layout of the lines supplying power to the lights on the Cherry Estate. Thiswould take at least fourweeks, afterwhich the faultwould be repaired and the street lights restored. Traffic reduction order Cllr Ballard reported that therewas still no progress with the agreement for the 50mph TRO being paid for by Greenway Homes via S106 contributions. Itwas agreed that if this situation continued that legal action may be required to prevent property occupation before the finalisation of the

TRP. CllrWalmsley reported a recent email fromCounty Cllr Prendergast and KCCwhere itwas thought that agreement had been reachedwith Greenwood Homes to pay for a traffic island at the newjunction. CCTV Cllr Culver had received an estimate for the cost of an additional CCTV camera in the Square covering the blind spot out towards Church Square. The camerawould be operated fromthe established equipment. Neighbourhood plan The viability report by Stru� & Parker fee proposal had been circulated for agreement. Itwas agreed to proceed on the basis of the proposal on a pro rata basiswith the other developers. David Parfi� Landscape Consultancy had submi�ed a proposal for the landscaping report needed byMBC – itwas agreed to proceed on the basis of the £3,600 quoted. Wealden Homes had submi�ed a planning application. Church inspection Cllr Osborne reported that StMary’s church had received an estimate of £400 to carry out an electrical inspection, including the lighting conductor. Itwas agreed that the parish council should offer to pay half. Lorry park Cllr Bri� reported that individuals likely to be affected by the proposed lorry park had received le�ers adking for access to land to enable an environmental survey to be carried out. The footprint of those receiving le�erswas much greater than the original proposals presented byHighways England.He would tomonitor developments and to copy correspondence to Boughton Malherbe parish council. Precept The budget proposals had been circulated. Itwas noted that the proposed expenditure of £195kwouldmean increasing the precept by some 20%, whichwas thought to be toomuch. Itwas agreed that the Neighbourhood Plan budget should be trimmed back to £40k and the long-termcar park budget to £15k. Thiswould require a precept of just under £100 per band D property – an approximate 15%increase.


Working to reduce crime. Call Crimestoppers 0800 555 111 or local police Three containers at a golf club in

ChathamRoad, Boxley,were broken into. Fuel and other itemswere stolen. Two bicycleswere stolen froma hotel car

park inAshford Road, Bearsted. Three menwere seen removing the bikes. Avanwas broken into and numerous

tools stolen in Lock Lane, Boxley. Ashed in a gardenwas broken into in

QueensWay,Detling. Two padlocks on the shed had been smashed off and some items have been stolen. Anumber platewas stolen froma vehicle

parked in a restaurant car park in Chatham Road, Boxley. Ahousewas broken into in Rhodewood Close,Downswood. Jewellery, computers

and cashwere stolen. Thewingmirrorwas stolen froma

Mercedes Sprinter van parked in the road in Speedwell Close, Boxley. AnAudiA1 parked in the roadwas

damaged in LenhamRoad, Lenham. Both number plateswere stolen froma

vehicle parked in the road in Forge Meadow,Harrietsham. Ahousewas broken into and some

jewellerywas stolen in TheMaltings, Weavering. Awindowwas smashed on a vehicle

parked in a driveway in Chegworth Lane, Harrietsham. Damage has been caused to a vehicle on theM20motorway,Hollingbourne.

Maidston East March 2019 35

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