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Market back OUR new market opens on the Green onMarch 3, with about 14 stalls (weather permitting). The council has worked very

hard to try to bring this popular event back to the Green for our residents and would greatly ap- preciate support for the stall hold- ers to enable these to continue throughout the year. If successful, the parish council

hopes to arrange a Christmas market which would fall on De- cember 1 and include a switch-on of the Christmas tree lights.

Keep fit dates OUR complementary introduc- tion to keeping fit starts at the end of thismonth on TheGreen and at the Elizabeth Harvie Field. Please contact Craig Keeling on

07879 696104 for the Green dates and timings, and Steve Thomas or Tracey Rice on 07963 701263 for the Elizabeth Harvie field dates and timings. We hope you will support our

Bearsted “keep fit and healthy” classes.

Green works GROUNDWORKS to the Green are scheduled for spring to im- prove drainage and attend to its re-seeding for the coming years. The parish council is proud to

have such a beautiful space for everyone to enjoy and would ask residents to please bear with us whilst theworks take place.

Surface issue WE ARE aware that the resurfac- ing of the Church Landway is raising some concerns with resi- dents. We aremonitoring this and tak-

ing steps to ensure any correction works thatmay ormay not be re- quired will be discussed with the contactor.

Photos please THANK you for the photos you have already sent to the office. Please keep sending themin for ourmonthlywebsite update.

28 Maidstone East March 2019 Help us to keep pond thriving

WE ARE looking for local volunteers, especially those with expertise in managing freshwater habi- tats, to form a working group for the maintenance of the pond. It needs attention andwewould like help inmak-

ing this feature in our village one that we can be proud of. If you are able to offer assistance or advice on the

works needed, please contact the office or email the admin address above.

Objections submied to plans for schools

FOLLOWING input from resi- dents, the parish council has submitted objections to Maid- stone Borough Council regard- ing two planning applications – ref 18/506609 concerning the re- location of the nature reserve and ref. 18/50665 for the building of two schools at Popes Field. Although both are actually

within the area of Boxley Parish Council, it was felt, strongly, that thesewould have significant neg- ative impact on Bearsted resi- dents.

It is understood that the devel-

opers nowintend to submit a new application, with the main en- trance to the schools being through the KIMS Hospital com- plex, rather than directly from Bearsted Road. Whilst it is understood that

Maidstone needs new primary school capacity, the proposed lo- cation is far from ideal as the main need is in the areas of north andwestMaidstone, and the Spe- cial Educational Needs school is to serve thewhole of Kent.

The parish council feels the de-

velopers should put much more effort into looking at other, more suitable,


WeaveringHeath, South Park and Giddyhorn Recreation Ground. Each of these sites is owned and

managed by the borough council, but allwere discounted in the de- velopers’ appraisal options. However, each is in a more ap-

propriate location for the identi- fied need and there should be public pressure for them to be evaluated further.

such as Bearsted Pari dited by:

earsted Parish Council




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dginford Hall, Bearsted, ME14 8LH 01622 630165

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