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Information stoneA progress report and presentation on the Points of Interest stonewere received fromSue Burch and Angela Thompson. The landowner had given approval in principle and an estimate of £3,000 had been received from the Stone Shop. The councilwelcomed the progress and agreed to contribute up to £5,000 fromthe Quinn Estates donation. The clerkwould contactMBC and KCC to find out the planning and highways implications. The clerkwould remind Cllr Shellina Prendergast that she had agreed to contribute £500. Speedwatch Liz Burgess had completed the training and activitywould commencewhen theweather improved. No 59 bus Cllr Collins circulated the proposed pilot timetable. Itwas agreed that Cllr Collinswould draft a response. A flyerwould be placed on the notice boards.


Police report Crime figureswere checked via the E-watch site – a caravan had been broken into in Dunn Street Road, and a resident had been a�acked by two escaped dogs. PCSOAdlingtonwas to speak to the owner to ensure that the dogs did not get out again. Public sessionA resident asked if parkingwas allowed on the verge by the fingerpost sign andwas told thiswas private land.An issuewith blocked drainswas reported – Cllr Carrwas dealingwith this. Budget Itwas agreed to set the budget at £17,410,which included £200 for new software, £3,000 for playground maintenance and repairs, £1,000 for villagemaintenance and projects and £500 for capital additions. The precept was agreed at £16,171 to cover the entire budget. Playground Itwas agreed towait until the newzipwire had been installed to do the playground inspection. Fly-tipping Residents in Fir Tree Grove had beenwri�en to about fly-tipping and one response had been received.

Coffee and information Itwas agreed thatmemberswould like to see the Coffee Caravan visit Kingswood. Cllrs Darling and Davies and the parish clerk said they would bewilling to drive residents to and fromthe event if needed. Speeding Councillorswere advised that the PCSOwas keen toworkwith the council on the issue of speeding and would arrange for a police presence on the LenhamRoad one evening. Action plan Councillors considered the draft action plan and resolved to adopt it. Risk assessment The documentwas discussed and a fewchangeswere requested. Kingswood Beavers The open day had

34 Maidstone East March 2019

THIS is Bearsted Green on a frosty Februarymorning captured on amobile phone by a DownsMail reader. A dog walker strolls near the cordoned off cricket square with the distinctive oast houses in the background. We always welcome photographic submissions, so please get in touch at

proved a great success. Two people had put their names forward to become leaders. There had been a very successful first groupwith 17 children a�ending. Sports field The improvementswere due to start onMarch 4, althoughwork had already begun on the fencing and the new gate into the play area. Cllr Davies said the fence had been put in back to front. The RFOwould investigate. Curry night The Friends of Leeds and Broomfield Churcheswere holding a Curry and Soul night at Leeds Village Hall onApril 27. PCSO report PCSO Shivon de Rose reported that she had picked up elastic bands in the road andwould be investigating further. Shewarned of several burglaries, particularly targeting sheds. She asked the parish if they could encourage someone to be Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator.

Broomfield & Kingswood Hollingbourne

Grass cu�ing The clerkwas liaisingwith the contractorwhomows the Lance Memorial Field to see if they could cut the grass around the playground, verges etc Funeral Cllr Gray reported back to the parish council that themembers’ personal contributions towardsAlan Benne�’s funeral reception had totalled £130, and following the return of unused beverages to the supplier, £40 remained. Itwas agreed to return thismoney to the church so that it could be shared between the HollingbourneMeadows Trust Project 100 and theAll Saints’ Church. Defibrillator The details of the instalment of themachinewerewith the head of the primary school. The defibrillatorwould

be on the outsidewall of the schoolwhere itwill be available to all villagers. The clerkwould report backwhen therewas an update. New homes The FernhamHomes developmentwould be called Brickfield Close. The clerkwas looking into details of S106 documents regarding the development to find outwhen funds could be released to help refurbish the playground and the LanceMemorial Field. Li�er The removal of li�er fromprivate land behind theMeadows Trust open spaceswas nowwithMBC’s environmental department. Insurance CllrWardwas contacting the insurance company to find out howmuch full coverwould be for theMillennium Park. Police report Therewas a report of goods stolen froma lorry atMaidstone Services. Criminal damage and arson had been reported near Claygate.A public order offencewas reported near Upper Street and eight offences took place on or near the J7 services, including one of criminal damage and one of arson, vehicle crime, another of violence and sexual offences. Fingerpost Thewhite post at the top of Hollingbourne Hill needed to be replaced following its damage and disappearance. KCC Highwayswere planning to replace the postwith a standardmetal sign but it needed to be awhitewooden post as it was twinnedwith the black post near Wormshill. Quotations had been obtained by the clerk for replacement. The parish councilwould like to find outwhat funding is available fromKCC. Village sign Two residents had kindly offered to repair the village signwhich was refurbished by the parish council

Parish Councils

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