Parking ticket pushes cost of a pint to £105.60

PUB regular Terence Lee nipped into his local for a quick pint… and ended upwith a £100 bill. The Bearsted resident, pictured,

left his Renault Scenic in The Yeo- man public house car park, not re- alising a private civil enforcement company had been hired to police the bays. As Mr Lee socialised with

friends, automatic number plate recognition cameras clocked his motor and fired off the bill. Days later, during another visit,

he learned from a fellow cus- tomer that he was supposed to key his registration number into the pub’s new computer parking system to ensure a penalty-free stay. But, he says, by the time he re-

alised, a second £100 parking charge was already in the post to his home in CopsewoodWay. “Alongside the price of the beer,

my first visit would have costme £105.60 – that has to be the most

expensive pint in history,” he said. “There was no doubt I was in

the bar; the people there knowme and I had the credit card receipts to prove it. “But even as Iwas trying to sort

the first charge out, a second ar- rived in the post.” Mr Lee, a professional yachting instructor,was one of several cus-

tomers billed by Liverpool-based Civil Enforcement Ltd while vis- iting theAshford Road pub. As more parking notices warn-

ing of “legal action” and “debt re- covery” started landing on Bearsted door mats, staff at The Yeoman say theymoved to quash the charges by intervening di- rectlywith parking enforcers. The pub is also using more ro-

bust signage to advise punters to register their cars at the bar. Downs Mail understands The

Yeoman’s management felt com- pelled to call in civil enforcement officers after consistent indiscrim- inate parking by other drivers blocked both regulars and deliv- eries from stopping close to the bar and restaurant. Mr Lee said: “I can understand

why the pub introduced the sys- tem, but ticketing your genuine customers is a bit harsh.” Downs Mail approached The Yeoman for an official comment.

News Driver arrest

AMANappeared in court after al- legedly driving at 110mph on the M20 while under the influence of cocaine and using amobile phone. CarlCheesman (57)was stopped

by officers at about 8amon June 16 last year. Maidstonemagistrateswere told

Mr Cheeseman, of Uckfield, Sus- sex, was coming off the M20 at junction eight, nearHollingbourne, when police stopped his Vauxhall Astra. Hewas chargedwithdrivingave-

hiclewhilst unfit on drugs, using a handheldmobilewhilstdrivingand exceedingthe 70mphspeedlimiton amotorway. Hedidnot enterpleas andthecasewas sent tocrowncourt.

Swan rescue

A SWANwas rescued fromPenfold Hill inLeedsduringthemorningrush hour. Thewhitemutewaspickedupbya

member of the wildlife team from LeedscastleonFebruary19. Two LeedsCastle vehicles held up

traffic forashort timewhiletheydealt withtheincident. The swan did not appear to be in-

jured and was loaded into a castle van for further examination.

13th April 2019 Maidston East March 2019 3

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