January 26 2019 we’ll be able to moment and we hope that on something to celebrate at the Pharmacy certainly needs

do just that!

the pharmacy calendar. networking event – the largest in year, the awards act as a superb Ulster Chemists’ Association. Every are run in conjunction with the anniversary of the awards, which Awards will mark the twelfth The 2019 Pharmacy in Focus

held at Titanic Belfast and will be On the evening – which is to be

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that is done on a daily basis for the together to celebrate the work involved in the industry will come contractors, their teams and all reporter, Mark Simpson – pharmacy hosted by award-winning BBC

d i i BBC province’s patients.

everyone involved in the profession Awards provide an opportunity for Each year, the Pharmacy in Focus

to recognise the achievements of an industry

y, which is, let’s be

the profession been under so much poignant since never before has This year will be particularly those responsible for its funding. honest, often undervalued by


in an air of celebration. Time will, those achievements are recognised communities. It is only right that conditions, in order to serve their harder this year, in very adverse Ireland have been working even Pharmacies across Northern

provide an opportunity to send difficulties and the evening will on the podium to the current no doubt, be devoted by those

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a strong message to those at the pp

the profession cannot continue Health and Social Care Department of Health

services currently availa to provide the excellen

their support.

of these companies to support and sponsors. Such is the enthusiasm our category and associated awards without the su able to stage these fan We would not, of course, be

pport of ntastic rse, be

involved in this illustrious event. that they are always ke pharmacy makes to NI healthcar reward the great contr

ous event. een to be

healthcare ribution that support and enthusiasm ciated


 Guest Host, Mark Simpson BBC TV reporter  Mark Simpson hose at the

e Board that and the

able without nt level of continue

This year we are highly appreciative

sponsors: Numark, KISS Products, received from our category of the great supported we have

camaraderie proffered by peers and to network and participate in the give all involved the opportunity strain financially, so the evening will

Alliance Healthcare, McLernon

Pharmaceuticals, EMIS Health Computers, Teva UK, AAH T

and Connect T Total, and from our

Lexon and Bestway Medhub. National Pharmacy Association, lm,

associated sponsors: Fujifi

delighted to contribute to this very we know that you will be only too is Macmillan Cancer  and that this year’s chosen charity We are also delighted to announce

While the party atmosphere  worthwhile cause.

be somewhat toned down this year as a result of the current difficulties, we intend the evening to be one of celebration of the achievements of your profession  hope that you will enjoy the opportunity to  with  your colleagues.

Gentlemen’s Jukebox

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