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The new RHI Magnesita brand had two reasons to celebrate at the renowned “Transform Awards Europe 2018” ceremony in London, as the new brand picked up awards in both categories it was nominated in. The rebranded RHI Magnesita received silver awards for “best corporate rebranding following a merger” and in the industry category “best visual identity from the engineering and manufacturing sector”. The “Transform Awards Europe” has honored brand development and rebranding projects for the past eight years rewarding excellence and innovation in branding across Europe.

RHI Magnesita, the world market leader in refractories, sees branding as an essential investment in the future. At an early stage in the preparations for the integration of RHI and Magnesita, management recognized the importance of the new brand for the process of organisational change, both internally and externally. “Our new brand is a promise to our customers and employees. It is about seamless continuity for our customers and about transparent change processes for our employees, as well as the clearest possible communication of the integration measures”, explains Stefan Rathausky, Senior VP Corporate Communications at RHI Magnesita.

The new brand as a starting point for cultural transformation

The new logo, and the visual system that has evolved from it, consists of a horizontal eight, the symbol of infinity, and the shapes of refractory bricks. The RHI Magnesita brand stands for the continuity of commitment and service, the connection of employees and customers around the world and the underlying solidity of refractory products. The rebranding was realized in collaboration with the global brand and communication agency MerchantCantos, part of the Brunswick Group.

The new brand RHI Magnesita is intended to mark the starting point of the business’ cultural transformation and was created as the foundation upon which the new corporate culture can grow.. “The combination offers us the unique opportunity to create a new, common corporate culture. With our new logo and the new brand RHI Magnesita, a first important and clearly visible step has been taken. The new brand demonstrates the incipient change both internally and externally,” added Stefan Rathausky. Concrete initiatives on the new corporate culture have already been launched worldwide. Only recently, more than 60 “culture champions” from across 40 locations met in Vienna. As ambassadors of the new common corporate culture, they will now be tasked with bringing the brand’s promises to life.


RHI Magnesita was awarded for its innovative employee app

“MyRHIMagnesita” at the renowned Intra.NET Awards in Berlin. In the category “Best Collaborative Tool”, RHI Magnesita took second place.

Employee app as an important driver for open, collaborative corporate culture

The employee app of the world market leader in refractories was launched in October 2017 in time for the merger of RHI and Magnesita and plays a key role in the change process and in the cultural transformation of the company.

Stefan Rathausky, Senior Vice President Corporate Communications at RHI Magnesita, on the importance of the app: “Our employee app has become the central information and communication platform for our 14,000 employees worldwide. It promotes direct communication, openness, interaction and collaboration and is thus an essential driver for cultural change.”

Katharina Skarabela, Team Lead Digital & Online at RHI Magnesita, accepted the renowned award at the two-day Intra.NET conference in Berlin, one of the largest events for corporate communications and digital workplaces in Europe. “Our objective is for everyone from Brazil to Austria to China to know what is happening in the company. However, the app is not a one-way communication tool; everyone has the opportunity to share and exchange their successes and projects. Communication in a truly global company of our size must be dynamic and interactive. As the technology leader in our industry, with the employee app we also want to take a pioneering role in communication,” Skarabela describes the objectives of the employee app.

Positive response from employees

Another key benefit of the employee app: Around 60% of RHI Magnesita employees work in production and therefore have no access to the


company’s intranet or e-mail system. “The app enables us to reach these employees quickly and digitally and to give them a voice,” Skarabela explains. On a voluntary basis, employees from production can download the app to their private smartphone and thus gain access to the company’s digital communication network.

Today, five months after the launch, more than 40 percent of the employees are registered in the app, 70 percent of them are active users, with an upward trend. In addition to Corporate News, the content of the app includes a CEO channel in which Stefan Borgas reports on his business trips, local channels for all locations as well as useful information such as menus of the local canteens, press reviews, fact sheets on the company, various brochures, forms for event registrations, feedback and important guidelines. The feedback from the employees is positive, especially at RHI Magnesita’s 35 main production sites, people are impressed by the new communication options. Based on this feedback from employees, further tools and channels are already being planned and developed.

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