General Secretary’s Report and President’s Column GENERAL SECRETARY’S REPORT Dear Members

Hello to all our members, I hope you are all enjoying the sunshine.

It is with great sadness that Alec Bowden died recently. His family wanted to write the obituary but needed some time to get things together, so I hope we can publish it in the next journal. For many years Alec served with the RAGB and then about 10 years ago he joined our council, but he would not take on the role as our President, we did try to persuade him that he should but he felt it should be a younger person who should have this role. I along with several IRE members attended his funeral.

We have been busy with last year’s accounts, these have been returned to our accountants to re-code some items, but the facts are we made a very small profit in last year of about £64. The journal continues to make a profit despite falling advertising sales so thanks to our journal team for all the hard work.

We are in the middle of carrying out a survey, about our own performance, hopefully this will help us to understand what people think of us as an institute. I sent the survey to

about 450 people, this included members, non-members, ex members, advertisers in the journal, people that have attended our conference or training day. Out of the 480 sent I have replies from about 50 to date so, if you have had the survey monkey sent to you please complete it and return it to me ASAP.

Keith Andrews and his team will be looking at the survey within a couple of weeks of you receiving this journal.

We are continuing with the work for this year’s conference and training day, as yet we don’t have a full programme for the conference day but the papers we do have are looking to be very interesting, there is a little “taster” from our President in this journal. I have had some bookings in already so book early to avoid disappointment.

I recently had a nice letter, from Bill Neary. He has a collection of journals going back in time to the early 70’s so we may well be able to find the 2 copies of the journal that we are missing form our records. By the time you read this I hope we will know if Bill has those issues.

It would be very good if we could, complete the set. Jayne Woodhead

General Secretary & Treasurer Institute of Refractories Engineers


Dear Members and Colleagues

We had an amazing and romantic

royal wedding!

And then there was the FA cup final. Let me say no more…

But we also lost one of our refractory colleagues, Alec Bowden. Our condolences to his wife and family.

Weather has indeed surprised us with great weekends and May 2018 Issue

multiple opportunities for a good “braai” (or BBQ, as most refer to it).

Ceramitec has also passed during the last two months with a great many of us visiting or participating.

By the time you read this, the Furnace Solutions Conference organised by the Society of Glass Technology (SGT) in Stoke- on-Trent may be either very near or you may have missed it. For those in the glass industry this is a very important date in June to remember and it is one of the very few conferences that focuses on mainly refractory in the glass industry.

Another annual event is the British Ceramic Confederation’s network event, taking place at Lucideon in Stoke-on-Trent


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