President’s Column

where I was honoured to present a paper on refractories in memory of Frank Scott Russel. It may be interesting to look back at some of our pioneers; Frank was a gentleman with one of the most illustrious and notable careers in refractories. Frank Russell was acutely aware of the important role refractories play in society, which he characterised in his notable quote “we know full well that there can be not a gun, not a tank, not a ship, not a shot, not a shell - nay not even a needle for a bandage - without refractories”.

Closer to us; you should have received an invite to participate in a survey about the IRE. If you did not, then surely something went wrong and we need to know about it. If you did, and decided it may just be some junk, then it would also be sad. You may even think that the questions are irrelevant or silly, however, getting to know all the challenges I have to thank those who were involved in composing the questionnaire, getting it formatted and sending it out to all the members whom we have email addresses for. And a great thanks to the ones that did find the time and made the effort to respond. Next time I will hopefully be able to report back on the findings of this survey.

Branches seem to have come to the end of their lifetimes as times are changing. Sheffield branch will now “surrender” their money to the main branch and this could in fact mean they may go in total non-existence … Darkness will engulf them. It seems this may not be completely the case as the Sheffield branch has come together and decided to host an IRE golf day. In the words of Paul Bottomley; we will have proper prizes and not trophies that nobody knows where to put. Keep an eye open for where and when it will take place.

Papers for the conference is slowly creeping in and we hope to find something from the end users. It is considered an excellent opportunity to gather material suppliers, designers, installers and end users in the same room to complete the life cycle of the waste-to-energy industry. I have decided to share some of this in a paper within this journal and hopefully it gets some excited about it.

Jan DuPlessis Theron President

Institute of Refractories Engineers

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