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A Place for Women to Gather is Closing in October, 2019 S

ister Mary Margaret Weber and Sister Judy Hallock, co-directors of A Place for Women to Gather, a spirituality center for women, locat- ed at 8380 Six Forks Road in Ra- leigh, have announced that they will be closing this ministry in October of 2019. That will mark 20 years of providing programs inviting women to explore their spiritualities, their relationship with God as women and to ponder the feminine image of God, of which they are a reflection. Twenty years ago, Sister Mary Margaret and Sister Patricia Cor- nell, both Sisters of the Holy Cross headquartered in Notre Dame, Indi- ana, saw the need for a place where women could explore their relation-

ship with God. Both were experi- enced pastoral ministers in Catholic parishes and were well aware of what was not available to women regarding spirituality. Spirituality in most main-line churches is based in patriarchy, with male images of God and male-dominated theology. In the spirit of Catholic “nuns,” they saw a need and decided to do what they could to meet it.

They wrote a proposal to their congregation in which they said that when women do their inner work, that provides a “constitutive element for systemic change” because of the role women play in society. They submitted their proposal to their Area Coordinator (provincial) for approval and received it. That Area Coordi- nator was Sister Judy Hallock, who came to minister at A Place for Wom-

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en to Gather ten years later! Both agree that it has been a deeply nourishing and enriching experience to walk with women of diverse faith traditions on their spiri- tual journeys.

Now Sister Judy and Sister Mary Margaret have sensed within them that it is time to bring this ministry to a close.

For those who wonder where the women who found “The Place” to be a significant spiritual resource will continue to find their support, various options are being explored. What will evolve is unknown at this time. If you would like to be a part of creating something in the future, call 919-846-3601 and you will be put in touch with others who are thinking creatively about how these needs might be met.

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