stimulates both sides of the brain and helps to build self-esteem. Most of all, it’s fun, portable and inexpensive.” Fostering imagination

and using the written word through journaling or sto- rytelling nourishes a child’s inner world. “Creating a short story requires divergent thinking; young writers use their imag- inations to generate unique ideas for characters, settings, plots and conflicts.

We help them think deeply, write authen- tically and respect the per- spectives

of others, while learning to create and

share their own sto-

ries and experiences,” explains Kimberly O’Connor, young writers program director at Lighthouse Writers Workshops, in Denver, Colorado. “Expressing the exact shape of an iris or the sound of a cricket,

for example, requires intense curiosity and attention, two qual- ities that can serve children and teens indefinitely,” she explains. Such skills can help students anywhere—in the classroom, on the sports field and later, when they begin to search for and find jobs. According to Stanford University research published in the

Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, learning an instru- ment helps to improve children’s reading skills, especially those struggling with dyslexia and other learning challenges. Research- ers at the German Institute for Economic Research revealed that learning music amplifies cognitive and non-cognitive skills twice as much as engaging in sports, dance or theater arts. Te Wellbeing Project, in Great Britain, has inspired activities

such as sewing to benefit well-being. According to research pub- lished in the Journal of Public Health, quilting boosts cognitive ability, emotional equilibrium and creativity. Introducing life skills and hobbies that nourish selfood can be one of our greatest giſts to the next generation. D’Aloia remarks,

“Helping our children to express who they are, rather than who we expect them to be, is the most powerful thing we can do.” Marlaina Donato is a multimedia artist and freelance writer who

authors books related to the fields of alternative health and spirituality. Connect at

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