Changing the Way America Treats Pain by Ann Meo M

igun is changing the way America treats pain. Tis new therapy does not require pills, injec-

tions or surgery. It combines the proven pain-relieving integrative medical practices of massage, acupressure, chiropractic and far-infrared heat therapy with new technology. Te treatment is warm, relaxing and pleasur- able. Clinical studies completed at the University of California Irvine and patient reports show this therapy to be more than 90% effective in helping to reduce or eliminate pain and stress. Dr. Chang Sok Suh, OMD, MBBCh, MD, PhD, of the University of California Irvine, and the recipient of the honorable President’s Lifetime Achievement Award from President Obama in 2014, studied Migun Terapy and stated, “Combining the ben- efits of Eastern and Western medicine has proven to be effective in treating many cases that do not respond adequately to modern Western medical procedures.”1 Te developers of the Migun Terapy Table studied what

makes a body naturally healthy. Te results of this study showed that most healthy people have good spinal alignment and posture, good circulation, a balanced autonomic nervous system, low stress, relaxed muscles, a strong immune system and a low level of toxins in the body. Migun then set out to develop a product that would help people with chronic pain or illness return to a healthier state. Engineers have been perfecting the Migun Terapy Table for more than 30 years. Tree or four thirty-minute sessions per week can begin your journey to better health. Te treatment is done fully clothed (you only need to remove your belt and shoes) and can be done at a treatment center or a medical practitioner’s office, or at home or work. Many businesses now offer Migun Terapy to their employees to help reduce work-related injuries, stress, and anxiety. Te Migun Terapy Table’s patented design has received

many awards for innovation and design, including the Swiss IFIA Gold award and the Technology Frontier award. In 2003, Migun received FDA approval of the table as a Class II Medical Device for pain relief. It was determined the Migun Terapy Table could be used without a prescription because the treatment is safe and there are no side effects A therapy session is a pain-free relaxing treatment designed to

bring balance to your body’s systems. Specially shaped and heated natural jade stones are an important part of the patented design. Tey provide massage and targeted acupressure along both sides of the spine where the autonomic nervous system’s sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves are located. Tese nerves control and balance many of the daily functions of your body—basi-

cally all the things that happen in your body that you don’t think about. Stress, injury or toxins can cause the autonomic nervous system to become out of balance resulting in symptoms such as anxiety, poor digestion, stress, poor sleep and more. As you lay on the therapy table, the internal movement of the

massage heads under your body encourages a neutral and natural spinal posture. A specially designed track and deep far-infrared heated massage heads gently stretch the spine to help with soſt tissue mobilization and muscle relaxation, create space between the vertebrae, release pinched nerves and alleviate pressure on bulging discs. Te targeted acupressure can help to relax and calm an over stimulated nervous system. Tis, in turn, helps decrease a variety of symptoms and bring balance to the body. Te far-in- frared deep heat helps increase circulation, relax muscles, release toxins, stimulate the metabolism and strengthen the immune system. Te relaxing massage melts away stress, anxiety, and pain. Automated programs provide targeted treatment to specific areas along the spine and legs. Studies and user reports indicate Migun Terapy can help

reduce back pain, arthritis pain, sciatica, fibromyalgia pain, whip- lash, neck and shoulder pain, chronic fatigue, residual pain from chemotherapy, sports injuries and more. Reports also indicate that other symptoms, such as knee pain, foot pain, and neuropathy, improve as the muscles relax and circulation improves. Less stress and anxiety, more energy and better sleep are reported by many. Te best results are achieved with three to four sessions per week. MIGUN therapy is now available at 1001 Aviation Parkway,

Suite 600, Morrisville, NC 27560. Phone 919-891-3566 or visit See ad on page 9. Te intended use of this product is to provide temporary relief of

minor muscle and joint pain, temporary relief of minor joint pain asso- ciated with arthritis, and muscle relaxation therapy by delivering heat, soothing massage and temporary increase in circulation where applied. Any other benefits were not evaluated by the FDA.

1 Chang Sok Suh. Acupuncture Anatomy.Boca Raton: CRC Press, 2016. Print. November 2018 15

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