Heating & renewable energy; Lighting & electrical; Smoke & fire protection A heater for almost every application

Installers or homeowners looking to replace old warm air heating systems with the latest highly energy efficient technology should consider the advantages of the Johnson & Starley’s Aquair Heat interface unit. This is possibly the most unique and versatile HIU available and will provide all the benefits that a centralised heating system can offer, but with a host of additional advantages. An Aquair can replace any warm air heater in a home, fully utilise the existing warm air ducting and be integrated in to almost any centralised heating source. It can be run in conjunction with an existing wet system and also has the option of supplying unheated air for cooling purposes during the warmer months.

01604 762881 LED floodlights for the British weather

Rusty fittings, casings, screws and brackets on outdoor lights are no longer inevitable result of the British climate. Timeguard’s new Coastal range maintains good looks for longer because all the metal parts are made of high-grade stainless steel, from the brackets to the screws and even pcb components. 10W, 20W and 30W floodlights with integral PIR detectors are available, all with slave terminals for external loads. You can also connect floodlights in parallel so that any detector will switch them all on. Another great new feature is the curved Timeguard panning bracket. No longer do you have to align floodlights flat to the wall, this clever curved bracket enables you to pan as well as tilt.

020 8452 1112 Danlers range just got better!

DANLERSOutdoor Security Switch range are neat and compact and now benefit from an IP66 rated polycarbonate enclosure and therefore can be installed across a greater range of challenging environments. The product range includes: IP66 Compact Person Detector with both improved time lag options and upgraded photocell range of 10-1000 lux together with a new photocell inactive feature; IP66 Twilight Switch turns lights ON from Dusk to Dawn; New IP66 Twilight Switch featuring DANLERS ‘Intelligent’ Photocell which reduces risk of hunting and over illumination; IP66 Dusk Switch with new ‘Intelligent photocell’ and LED feedback for determining time on duration from 2-16 hrs.

01249 443377 Nationwide Windows invests in Swindon

A leading door and window supplier, Nationwide Windows Ltd announces further expansion with the opening of a new 4,000sq.ft depot in Swindon to better service customers in the South and South West area. The company places huge emphasis on the commitment it makes to excellent customer service and the new Swindon depot will enable Nationwide Windows & Doors to better deliver to existing window and door replacement contracts in both social housing and new build sectors in this geographical area. Daryl Cashmore, Operations Director said: “Having a regional presence across the UK is part of Nationwide Windows Ltd’s overall strategy to achieve ultimate customer satisfaction.” New Aico 3000 Series Fire & CO Alarms

Aico, one of the UK’s market leaders in domestic mains powered Fire and Carbon Monoxide (CO) detection, has launched the new 3000 Series. This technologically advanced series detects both Fire and CO and includes, for the very first time, a Multi-Sensor Heat & CO Alarm, providing whole property coverage from one Series. Unique to the 3000 Series, the Ei3028 Multi-Sensor Heat & CO Alarm has been much anticipated as a convenient, cost-effective, efficient solution to protecting residents from both Fire and CO. All alarms in the 3000 Series are backwards compatible with existing Aico products, including the ground- breaking Ei450 Alarm Controller and Ei414 Fire/CO Alarm Interface. Door closer enhances fire safety

British designed and manufactured, Powermatic controlled, concealed door closers from Samuel Heath tick all the right boxes when it comes to fire safety and are particularly suitable for social housing applications.

Powermatics carry the CE mark, meet the requirements for one-hour and half-hour fire doors under BS EN 1634-1 and boast Certifire accreditation.

In addition to impressive fire performance credentials, Powermatic closers are totally concealed when the door is closed. This not only helps to create a more homely interior, but also enhances the reliability of fire doors by reducing the risk of damage through vandalism or tampering, which could render the fire door useless.

Powermatic’s appeal to the social housing sector is further enhanced by its ability to enable doors to meet accessibility requirements.

0121 766 4200 42 | HMM May 2018 | Horbury secures fire safety agreement

Horbury Property Services, part of the Horbury Group of companies, has been accepted as an approved supplier on Paragon ASRA’s social housing framework agreement. The company has secured approval to provide fire door and fire compartmentation inspection and remediation works for the Midlands, as part of a four year framework agreement that started in April. Richard Sutton, General Manager at Horbury Property Services, said: “This is the latest in a number of framework agreements that we have successfully secured. Our expertise in fire safety and as FIRAS-approved contractors means we can help to ensure a housing provider is compliant and occupants are being protected.”

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