Air qulaity & ventilation; Building products & services Domus’ quiet and stylish Sapphire fan

The Sapphire range of bathroom and kitchen intermittent extract fans and dMEV units from Domus Ventilation (formerly Polypipe Ventilation), comes in a contemporary and minimalist design, coupled with extremely quiet performance. They are available as both standard and energy efficient models. Sapphire models are available with a variety of user-friendly control options, including timer, pull cord and humidity-sensing versions. In addition to these, the range also features an innovative ‘silent’ back draught shutter. The Sapphire dMEV and intermittent extract fans are competitively priced and come with a two year warranty as standard. Have faith with Nuaire

Ventilation manufacturer Nuaire has launched ‘Faith’, a new continuously- running extract fan designed specifically for Social Housing applications. Small yet compact, the new FAITH fan has a facility to enable constant-flow operation via a sensor to guarantee installed performance. Unlike some other continuous extract fans on the market, Faith can automatically adjust its airflow to maintain the designed duty, enabling it to comply with ADF 2010 (system 3) once installed. Even with its competitive price point, Faith extract fan comes with a number of sophisticated features. For tenants, the new Faith extract fan is small and sleek and, just as importantly, is quiet in operation. Heating controls for everyone

At ESi the company is providing installers and specifiers with a new range of quality heating controls that are already being met warmly by a number of new build and social housing providers.

ESi is introducing easy to use controls with unique features and offering keenly priced replacement units that are proving very attractive through the merchants.

For more information, or to take a closer look at ESi’s offerings, please contact the company or visit its website.

01280 816868 Springfit™Mask offers an unrivalled fit

JSP has launched the New Springfit™ fold f lat disposable mask wi th a unique endoskeleton structure which guarantees each mask keeps its shape, increasing performance and maintaining rigidity. This integrated spring feature allows facial movement ensuring the mask offers a secure face fit and seal during speech or movement of the jaw. The pioneering Typhoon™ valve has been designed to reduce breathing resistance, heat and moisture build-up. The low profile design provides exceptional compatibility with other above the neck PPE, such as eyewear improving the wearer’s field of vision. It is designed to be compact, is easily pocketed and individually packed for hygiene reasons.

Houses thrive with RåBuild House

Having previously experienced the system first hand, the Managing Director of Hill Bespoke specified the RåBuild method of construction, which uses the H+H Thin-Joint System on four new build homes in Cambridgeshire. A division of the Hill Group, Hill Bespoke was established to handle complex design projects for the most discerning of clients. Hill Bespoke uses cutting edge techniques to provide premium housing solutions. RåBuild, an all-in-one approach to building from H+H UK, takes full advantages of the properties of aircrete to allow for the quick construction of high quality homes. Despite aircrete being a well-established construction material in the UK for a number of years, it is still considered a modern method of construction, and is more than capable of producing outstanding results on bespoke high-quality projects. The RåBuild house ran alongside conversion of the barns to also offer prestige housing. The site possessed extraordinary heritage value, as archaeological research confirmed that the timbers within the original barns on site dated back to Anglo-Saxon times.

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