Essential Spotlight The Sunshine Factory T

hrough yoga, I believe I have found my higher purpose; it is the foundation of what my life is built upon, and the stepping stone towards the path of all the good things that I have been blessed with. It has given me the clarity and honesty to see myself for who I truly am and what I am capable of; and that is what I want to give to my students and patients.

Everything I've learned and experienced in my life has in- spired me to continue to learn as much as I can about the experi- ence of being human. And I have learned so much. Undergrad studies in psychology, nearly fi fteen years as a yoga student and instructor, over nine years of experience as an acupuncturist ... and all of the instructor train- ings in between; have given me a wealth of knowledge and an even stronger sense of purpose. All of this has given me, I be- lieve, a unique perspective from which to teach yoga and practice acupuncture; and ultimately to create a space where I can combine the two...and so much more.

I believe that a practice of mindfulness can change your life, and that it is impossible to create the kind of real change that people desire, by doing just one thing; whether that be yoga, acupuncture, meditation, or any other number of things. That being said, yoga happens to be one of the best opportunities to teach and practice mindfulness; to learn about yourself. And acupuncture is unparal- leled in its ability to balance our energies, allowing us to approach our life with a fresh perspective, to be more receptive, less reactive and generally happier, healthier and calmer.

My desire as a teacher is to show people what they are capable of, helping them to fi nd their place in every posture, in any class. If you can let go and allow your yoga practice to be your teacher; it will improve every facet of your life. I strive with every class, with every student, to make connections; to make everyone feel chal- lenged and included as part of the group energy. I love that about yoga, the synergy of it. It's such an individual experience, each person on their own mat, in their own body and mind, but also a part of the group; and each person's individual experience contrib- uting to the group energy. As a teacher you are at the helm of that energetic experience; it is a fantastic and humbling responsibility and even greater passion to use what I’ve learned to help people. I used to think it was to help them feel better, but now I know that my real purpose, is to teach people how they can heal themselves.

Kristen Boze recently opened The Sunshine Factory located at The Castle Building, 100 Brickhill Avenue, South Portland. Every class or workshop you attend at The Sunshine Factory will offer opportu- nities for healing your mind, body and soul. For more information, visit: or call 207-780-9642.



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