The Elder Widow’s Walk: A Heart Touchstone for Elder Widows


he Elder Widow’s Walk, A Per- sonal Inner Journey and Guide for Bereaved Widows 65 and Beyond

written by local author and elder widow, Lucille Ann Meltz has just been released.

With over 11 million widows over 65 in the U.S. facing exceptional daily chal- lenges of dealing with the trials of their own ageing process while grieving the loss of their long-time companion, there surely should be innumerable resources and support for this huge population of women. Yet, while elder widows struggle with all the challenges of a loss unlike

like that of any other age, little true understanding exists of the complex plight of the elder widow.

In this supportive, empowering and compassionate book,

author Lucille Ann Meltz shares her personal knowing of what it means to become a widow after 65, and offers an honest, in-depth psycho-spiritual and practical guide not only for widows, but for family and friends. What helps and what does not, in coming to terms with a life forever transformed and yet still changing? How do you live with the sorrows and fears that never seem to end? And is it possible, at this time of life, to feel renewed and purposeful while creating a life which includes both connection and independence?

This is the elder widow’s walk- a journey of heart, soul, cour-

age and renewal into the unknown territory of a woman’s spousal bereavement in her later years.

“This precious, raw and hopeful book offers a window into the heart, mind and body of an older woman who has survived her be- loved husband. As a result of her own immersion in grief she offers ideas and tools that empowered her to reclaim her life.” ~Rosalie Deer Heart, author of Healing Grief- a Mother’s Story and Living Future Pull.

Author Lucille Ann Meltz, owner of “Touch the Soul” Life

Coaching, has helped hundreds of women deepen their spiri- tual awareness while accessing their intuitive knowing and inner wisdom through her inspiring classes, personal coaching, public speaking, hand analysis and guided meditations. She lost her deeply loved husband of 47 years in March of 2015 and wrote this book to comfort and support elder widows through one of life’s most painful transitions.

See excerpts/reviews at: or Amazon.

com. Paperback copies ($12.99) are available through the author’s website or at Amazon. E-book versions ($3.99) also available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble Nook.

Lucille will be a guest on the Successful Balanced Living show on Wednesday, June 6 from 1-1:30pm. Tune in live via radio in the Portland, Maine area to WMPG (FM 90.9) or go to wed1300 to stream it live or listen to the recording.

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