New Women’s Wellness Practice Open in Portland

Koru Physical Therapy and Wellness to focus on health needs of women


new wellness practice has been established in Portland by an experienced physical

therapist to assist women at critical stages of their lives.

Koru Physical Therapy and

Wellness, founded by Allison Poole, opened in early March. The practice,

located at 619 Brighton Avenue, is part of the new Rosemont Well- ness Center which features a community of independent healthcare practitioners offering a range of wellness resources under one roof.

Poole is excited to open a clinic designed for women of all ages to restore, renew, and reclaim their health. She graduated from The University of New England in 2004 with a Masters in Physical Therapy and has practiced for 14 years. She was previously located at Casco Bay Physical Therapy in Falmouth, as well as within Birth Roots in Portland.

Poole’s experience has led her to identify transformative stages

in which women need specifi c therapeutic attention to aid in their own wellness.

“There are a number of physical issues that can drastically

affect women immediately before and after giving birth,” Poole explained. “Later in life, a woman’s perimenopausal stage can produce physical changes that can be challenging. These symptoms can signifi cantly impact a woman’s well-being and daily lives and are often written off as “normal” without any solutions. Pain, bowel and bladder issues and decreased core strength can be lessened and often resolved through the specialized physical therapy that I can provide,” she added.

The name of the practice comes from the koru, a spiral shape based on a new unfurling silver fern frond. The koru conveys the idea of perpetual movement of life, while always coming back to the self, or center.

Poole lives in the neighborhood with her husband and young son and is pleased to join the diverse array of health services pro- vided at Rosemont Wellness Center.

Koru Physical Therapy and Wellness will specialize in Women’s

Health and Pelvic Floor physical therapy. Poole will be offering in- dividualized care that utilizes traditional physical therapy as well as personalized health coaching and functional nutrition. Allison has evening hours until 8pm to accommodate the lives of busy women. She will offer one-on-one sessions, as well as educational workshop series, intelligent exercise classes open to the public designed to optimize women’s health and wellness.

For more information, visit: or call 207-358- 8161. For information about the Rosemont Wellness Center, visit:

Awakening from Depression A

s a psychotherapist and spiritual seeker, I’ve recently come across Dr. Firestone’s theory of the Fantasy Bond (FB). The FB is the imaged bond between an infant and the main

caregiver which gets forged when the infant is crying and the care- giver is unable to soothe the baby. The baby holds the image and fantasy of an all-loving mother in its mind which allows it to self- regulate. The FB functions as a psychological coping mechanism that helps the baby survive especially in abusive environments. The more the caregiver is emotionally unavailable, the more the child relies on the FB to self-soothe.

The Fantasy Bond is at play in adulthood whenever there is a

perceived “in-group” and an “out-group,” where one feels inferior or superior. If there are strong judgments, an inability to listen to others, and behaviors of withholding, contempt, or stonewalling, usually the FB is doing its magic. Those with a strong FB will scream out their beliefs and prefer holding tight to an idea of who they are and what they stand for, rather than relating and connecting to oth- ers in unscripted, moment-to-moment reality.

Firestone’s concept of the FB has some striking similarities to

spiritual teacher Dave Oshana’s concept of the false self. In my understanding of both teachers’ ideas, there is almost like a pully system of feelings and needs, including unconscious urges and programming, with the false self (or the FB) being the main pup- pet. What is most fascinating is that this puppet that I’m describ- ing will sacrifi ce the nourishment of in-person relating in order to obtain imagined, fantasy nourishment. Mistakenly living life as a puppet can be how people become dead to life or have a feeling of deep depression.

Ultimately, my aim is to break free from the Fantasy Bond and all our “Inner Defense Mechanisms” as Firestone would call them, or to “achieve Enlightenment,” as Oshana would describe it. Think- ing about theories has not caused me to break free and raise my level of consciousness. Direct, personal conversations with some- one more aware than myself has been the guiding light expand- ing my little light inside and turning my vision toward the sun of enlightenment that burns inside me. An illumination occurs within me, awakened by what I would call the Enlightenment Transmission which comes from Dave Oshana. My hope for the reader is that you fi nd your inner illumination and awaken from depression, trans- forming all the way to enlightenment.

Heidi Crockett is a counselor who volunteers for the Enlightenment Transmission Foundation, a non-profi t in Maine. Enlightened spiritual teacher, Dave Oshana ( is coming to Maine in Sept/Oct of 2018 to teach an intensive in the Mid-coast and give an introductory talk in Portland. Feel free to reach out Heidi for more information at


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