Bridgestop fundamental for protection

Leading housebuilder, Bellway Homes has come to rely on the performance of Monarfloor Bridgestop for protecting party walls. Monks Meadow is one of Bellway’s current develop- ments where two, three and four bedroom houses are being built to a high specification.

Bridgestop offers an innovative and dependable solution, as part of a fully approved Robust Detail in minimising both impact and flanking sound travelling though cavity separating walls. As well as this, the Icopal system offers four points under the Code for Sustainable Homes which is still widely favoured by social housing providers.

0161 865 4444 Flying light Kalwall® translucent cladding has transformed the newly completed 4,200 square metre extension at Indiana’s

South Bend Regional Airport. Designed by architects Ken Herceg and Associates, the new terminal comprises five gates, restaurants, gift shops and break-out areas all housed under an architecturally exposed, steel-framed barrel vault structure that simulates the structure of an aircraft wing. This is covered with a curved Kalwall Skyroof®

10 metres wide and 180 metres long. As passengers exit the dark and windowless TSA screening

area, they are bathed in welcoming and natural daylight with unimpeded views across the runways. Kalwall eliminates shadows and glare and the stark contrasts of light and shade. The system also enhances simplicity by doing away with the need for blinds, curtains or solar control. Even on cloudy days, the interior is flooded with natural daylight, which means less artificial lighting and, because Kalwall is highly insulating, energy costs are reduced. The standard Kalwall 70mm thick panel offers insulation up to 0.28W/m2

K – equivalent to

a cavity filled brick wall, while still allowing for up to 15 per cent visible light transmittance.

Cladding makes a difference in Caerphilly

Freefoam Fortex Double Shiplap PVC-U Cladding has been utilised to great effect on homes on the Lansbury Park estate in Caerphilly. Installed as part of a £2 million investment package to improve energy efficiency and transform the appearance of the estate the extensive refurbishment programme was commissioned by Caerphilly County Borough Council and fitted by contractor Eon Energy. The development previously featured white PVC cladding but the refurbishment gave the opportunity to bring colour to the properties. Eon Energy chose a variety of subtle shades from the Fortex range including Cappuccino, Colonial Blue, Misty Grey and Argyl Brown to compliment the new exterior finish. Value for money is a key driver for Local Authorities. PVC cladding is a cost effective option saving expensive and time consuming ongoing maintenance. With Freefoam’s ten year guarantee on the majority of the colour range Caerphilly Borough Council will still be seeing the benefits of this refurbishment in many years to come. For futher information, please visit the Freefoam website or contact Freefoam by calling.

01604 591110 Bespoke rooflights enhanced London home

Located in a West London conservation area, the existing property required updating by remodelling the kitchen and dining room that suffered poor connection to the rear garden. North facing, these rooms received little daylight from the modest sized windows. It was a dark and dingy space. Architect Simon Feneley’s response at Feneley Studio, was to reconfigure the ground floor providing a utility and cloakroom off the entrance hall with a formal sitting room at the front of the property. A full height sliding pocket door reveals a newly extended family room with a panoramic view of the garden. The roof of the extension is asymmetrical about the axis from the front door, providing increased floor to ceiling height and avoiding a long continuous corridor. Custom made East and West facing rooflights by Lonsdale provide generous amounts of natural light and are a focal point of the extension with dramatic results as the sun moves from early morning until dusk. Ever changing forms of sunlight fall upon the polished concrete flooring which runs throughout the ground floor, with daylight washing down the full height herringbone wall tiling in the contemporary kitchen.

0208 801 4221

Aluglaze panels are an ideal choice

To alleviate the level of homelessness in Ealing, homes are being built from former shipping containers that feature attractive facades manufactured from Aluglaze panels. Panel Systems supplied 144 Aluglaze panels with externally

projecting trays. The manufacturer fabricated the panels with a high performance insulation core to achieve a 0.35 W/m2K U Value. The Aluglaze panels were supplied in five main colours, each of which was specified in various shades including three tones of green, blue and red and two tones of orange and yellow.



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