Highs and lows of student life G

EZE products are giving students access to the highs and lows of student life in a development which

incorporates a 21-storey tower block and three low-rise residences. Chamberlain Hall – part of University of Birmingham’s Vale Village scheme – saw the replacement of the 50-year-old Eden Town, known as High Hall and its associated wings – with new purpose-built accommodation. It provides a home-from-home for 725 students in either en-suite study bedrooms in clusters of five or six, which share a kitchen/lounge - or self-contained studios. GEZE products were used throughout the development. Every bedroom and circulation door, more than 800 in total, is fitted with a TS 3000 EC. This surface mounted door closer has a low opening force, requiring less energy to open it, making it a great choice for an educational building. It adheres to strictest safety standards,

and not only features an adjustable hydraulic latching action, closing force and closing speed, but also incorporates a sleek guide rail rather than an obtrusive arm

to make it safer choice for residents. Kitchen Doors were fitted with the TS

4000 EFS - a pinion toothed door closer with free swing arm function which enables people to go through the door while applying little physical force once the door has been initially opened. It has an electro hold-open function which ensures safe closing of the door in an event of a fire. TS 5000 E closers were fitted to lobby

doors. They are fitted with electro-mechanical hold-open devices which are released in

KI’s Perry chair selected for university

Set for completion in 2030, the University of Edinburgh’s upgrade is hoping to give students a vibrant, flexible learning environment. Working with Azzurro, the university selected KI’s Perry chairs in polypropylene and upholstery. From blues and reds, to beige and white, the colours

specified add distinct character to each room. The chair’s unique backrest optimises comfort for prolonged seating by moving with the user’s own weight, making this high-density stacking chair the ideal choice for educational environments.

020 7405 7082

the event of a fire closing the door safely. The TS 5000 E is suitable for doors up to 1400mm in width and has adjustable closing force, size EN 2-6, adjustable closing speed, hydraulic latching action and hydraulic back check. Fifteen GEZE Slimdrive EMD-F electro- mechanical swing door operators were fitted to entrance doors and rooms for disabled students. They are almost silent in operation, with

the capacity to move large and heavy, single leaf doors with ease. The Slimdrive EMD-F operators are extremely durable which mean that they are the ideal low-maintenance solution for areas of heavy footfall such as student accommodation. Students living in the tower benefit from lake-side views across the Vale, a Grade 2 historic park and garden, and those on the upper floors enjoy vistas right across the city. The three low rise blocks have been designed to sit at an angle maximising views across the Vale.

01543 443000 Mighton used in university restoration

Restoration Paint (11-0050) from Mighton Ankerstuy, a range specifically designed for maintaining and restoring the exterior of timber doors and windows, was the correct choice for a 217-year-old Cambridge University college that needed maintenance to more than 1,000 sliding sash windows. The paint is water- borne and quick drying, so it can be applied in multi- ple coats in a single working day. It will not ‘block’

when the college’s classical sash windows are opened and closed, and it exhibits good gap and crack filling characteristics where the timber substrate may show signs of ageing.

01223 497097 Heradesign proves it’s tough enough inside and out

The Albion Street neighbourhood in Southwark, London is undergoing an extensive regeneration programme. A new school building for Albion Primary fulfils a central function in helping achieve the council’s ambitious plan. Heradesign ceilings from Knauf AMF are installed throughout the new building to meet the aesthetic and acoustic demands of this innovative project. Heradesign is safe to use in semi-exposed external areas which is one of the reasons Haverstock Associate Partner Tim Bystedt specified it, “Heradesign has an interesting texture and is available in the neutral colour we wanted for the underside of the entrance canopy and outside stairwell. It was easy to install and did not require any painting or plastering which helped keep costs down and the project on schedule.” Heradesign is a range of ceiling tiles and wall absorbers manufactured from sustainably sourced wood-wool with a unique, organic aesthetic that can be made to match any colour as ceilings, fins, rafts and wall absorbers to product visually stimulating interiors. Heradesign is a cost-effective solution for heavy duty areas and offers the highest Class 1A impact resistance.

0191 518 8600



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