Taking the stress out of employment services

Outsourcing employment law, HR services and health and safety can take the burden off companies wanting to focus on making their business a success. At Avensure, clients enjoy dedicated one-on-

one support and advice every day of the year, bespoke contracts and handbooks, a dedicated legal team, ongoing documentation, full tribunal preparation and representation as well as online training and development. To meet health and safety regulations, Avensure carries out a full on- site evaluation and report, thorough bespoke action plan and employee wellbeing and support. One of the challenges Avensure faces can be encouraging small to medium businesses to be compliant with employment law. A member of the Bristol Chamber of

Commerce, Avensure also sits on the Professional Advice Service panel. This service, gives all Business West Chamber of Commerce members 30 minutes of free business advice on key business topics such as HR, legal and tax issues. Earlier this year, Avensure was contacted by a

legal firm who were looking for advice on implementing new contracts, pensions and handbooks before GDPR comes into effect in May 2018. The company also sought advice on a new employment policy. Working closely with the legal firm, Avensure

helped them improve their employment documents to implement the right questions, write an advert and draw up new contracts for new and existing staff. Handbooks were updated in terms of new standards for drug testing and vaping policies. Pensions were updated within the handbook to avoid unlawful deductions from auto-enrolment schemes. The legal firm were delighted with the new approach and feel secure knowing that their company documents have been updated to current standards to protect their company. Avensure aim to be different when it comes

to service as they strive to deliver the most bespoke and relevant advice to the client as possible. Clients are allocated a specific adviser


LOCATION: Head office in Manchester with regional office in Bristol

WHAT WE DO: Avensure provides outsourced HR & health and safety services. They protect businesses and employers across the UK in ensuring their business is compliant with UK law

HISTORY: The company was set up in November 2011 and currently employ over 100 staff. They strive to deliver the most bespoke and relevant advice to the client as possible. They do this by allocating clients a specific adviser, instead of operating through a call center structure, meaning they will be aware of all on-going issues and previous cases

meaning they will be aware of all on-going issues and previous cases. At no point will clients be passed through to a call centre. The company set up in November 2011 and currently employ over 100 staff. Business development manager, Steve Rosenthal, said: “I found out about the Chamber of Commerce through an attendee of one of our company events. They had mentioned how useful it was to make connections in the local area for business support and growth. We have found that members of the Chamber are very supportive of other members and there is definitely a sense of community. “The Chamber itself has been very encouraging in terms of networking and information. I have found the information about the local area and support invaluable.” JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2018 insight 13

NAME: Jonny Smith POSITION:Market Specialist - China E: T: 07747 015837

What does your role involve? Assisting selected SMEs from the South West into the China market through our Extend Your Global Reach programme. Practically, this entails working with companies to form their market entry strategy and handholding them through the implementation of this strategy.

What do you love about your job? I get to meet a lot of people who are passionate about what they’re doing and focus on one of the world’s most interesting countries.

What were you doing before you joined Business West? I studied and then worked in Beijing for a few years before moving back to the UK in 2015. In between moving back and starting at Business West I worked at China-Britain Business Council.

What is your top tip for anyone doing business in China? Beware of experts – get out there and see things for yourself.

What are your interests outside work? Getting out of the city and into the countryside.

What did you want to be when you were growing up? A member of the public. I thought ‘the public’ was some sort of powerful cabal. Have since found out it’s not as interesting as I first thought.

What is the most unusual business you’ve encountered? Finishing school for China’s aspiring nouveau riche.

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