The right surface drainage channels for the job at T2 Trafford Point


ituated near to the M60 and M62 motorways, T2 Trafford Point is a newly developed distribution facility on

the edge of Trafford Park, Manchester. The 7712m² warehouse has upwards of 1440m² associated office space including an under-croft and reception area. The facility features cycle parking, a 91 space, 3500m² office car park/access road and a 7400m² service yard for manoeuvring, parking, loading and unloading Heavy Good Vehicles’ (HGVs). Surface drainage required at T2 Trafford

Point office car park access road and service yard required the specification of high capacity and very robust channel systems capable of withstanding the daily passage of cars as well as the massive twisting forces exerted by the tyres of manoeuvring HGVs. Hauraton RECYFIX®

sizes of RECYFIX® HICAP® channels were

also installed in the concreted service yard; 78 metres of HICAP 150 and 120 metres of HICAP 300. Both PP moulded channel sizes were supplied with factory fitted 28mm wide slotted ductile iron gratings for Class F900 loading category. The 198 metres of channel installed in the service yard has a total water capacity of just over 24156 litres. With a maximum channel weight of

dimension) and an overall height of 450mm a channel provides a cross-section of 746.1cm2

, so the 134 metres of channel MONOTEC

200/450 channels were installed in the asphalt car park. With a nominal grating width of 200mm (Channel internal

installed in the car park has a total water capacity of just over 9996 litres and a loading category of up to Class D400. The MONOTEC one metre long channel component is of a sturdy monolithic design where the HEELSAFE grating and the tongue and groove linking system are integral to the tough, virtually unbreakable polypropylene (PP) moulding. In addition to the car park drainage, two

Balustrade in service at new fire station

Improving accessibility is a recurring theme in the specification of Neaco’s products and so it proved again when the company’s balustrade was called into service for entrance ramps at the new cutting-edge Hull Central Fire

Station, designed by Jefferson Sheard Architects. Jefferson Sheard Architects’ Project Lead, Mark Fannon commented: “Health and safety and accessibility are always key drivers on all of our designs. Neaco’s balance of form and function enabled us to fulfill our brief with a cost effective solution, whilst achieving the desired aesthetic.” ‘Legendary’ Resiblock stabilises and protects

During the Summer of 2017, John O’Flynn Developments utilised Resiblock’s ‘Legendary’, Resiblock ‘22’ joint stabiliser, to stabilise and protect paving at a prestigious housing development in Oxfordshire. Bloor Homes used circa 1600m² of Charcoal-coloured Concrete Block Paving as the roadway for this newly developed estate. As such, Resiblock ‘22’ was recommended as the sealer of

choice, as it’s sand stabilisation capabilities will prevent paving failure induced by sand loss, caused by the constant trafficking of the area, environmental elements and cleaning regimes.

23,4kg per unit, both the RECYFIX® MONOTEC and HICAP channels were well within the weight limitation for manual lifting so made the contractors job on site just that little bit easier. For a given area to be drained, these ranges of high capacity channels also mean fewer channel runs, less excavation work, reduced foundation concrete needed and substantially less after care; benefits appreciated by the groundwork contractor, PP O'Connor and site manager.

01582 501380 Decorative Wall & Bollard Lighting

Luceco Decorative Wall and Decorative Bollard LED luminaires are ideal for modern and creative exterior lighting. Suitable for many applications, this luminaire range is also at home in residential and domestic settings. 9W and 10W respectively, equivalent to a 26W PL lamp, both luminaires provide indirect light

distribution and 30,000 hours of maintenance free, energy efficient exterior illumination. Decorative Bollard comes ready for root mount installation and has an attractive anthracite IP65 aluminium housing with polycarbonate optic providing a stylish and sleek appearance.

01952 238100 Yorkshire grown Laurel Hedge Blocks

The ultimate in Instant Hedging, these heavy Laurel hedge blocks have been trimmed twice per year for many years making them so dense that they cannot be pushed through and, unlike a fence, they cannot easily be

climbed and won't blow down, offering instant privacy and maximum security. Grown in Yorkshire, so guaranteed to be hardy and free from imported diseases. Available sizes range from 150-175cm tall (approx 90-100cm wide) to 300-350cm (approx 120-160cm wide – mechanical handling essential). For more information please visit Wykeham Mature Plants website.



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