Encouraging Results for First Heat Network Consumer Survey

Networks Consumer Survey, issued by BEIS. Key findings from the survey - which asked


around 5000 heat network consumers about their satisfaction with their heating systems, price, transparency of billing and quality of customer service. The survey also shows that while there are

issues affecting the sector that need addressing, heat network consumers were just as satisfied overall with their heating systems as non-heat network consumers, with nearly three-quarters reporting that they were “satisfied” with their heating system. “The results are encouraging news for the

district heating sector” says Chris Davis, Head of Sales and Marketing at Evinox; “there has been a dearth of qualitative market intelligence relating to heat networks, so surveys such as this are extremely valuable in understanding what consumers really think and help to gain an insight into their day to day experiences of living with these systems”. Two key observations from the report suggest that Evinox is already well ahead of the

curve in terms of the solutions it provides. Firstly, the report highlights that heat network consumers are likely to have less control over their heating system than those with traditional heating systems - with more than half of the consumers surveyed reporting that their systems were not fitted with a central thermostat, while around only a third have a heating programmer, in stark contrast to “non-heat-network consumers”. Evinox’s fully electronically controlled

ModuSat XR heat interface units are typically provided with a full “ViewSmart” heating programmer, allowing consumers to have precisely the same level of control over when, how and where their heating is delivered as a conventional boiler-based heating system.

Innovative heating transforms development

Housing developer, Sandrock, was keen to make its West Sussex development more energy efficient. It enlisted the help of The Gas Saving Company to design a new Home energy centre, including Alpha Heating Innovation’s FlowSmart, to provide a high performing and

energy saving heating and hot water system. Alpha’s Flowsmart offers the energy efficient benefits usually associated with a combi boiler while maintaining a high performance capability, making it a perfect component of the Home energy centre. FlowSmart works by sending cold mains water to the GasSaver, which is pre-heated using reclaimed flue gases, before diverting it to the copper coil heat exchanger in the thermal store.

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eat interface unit and heat network billing provider Evinox Energy has welcomed the results of the first Heat

ViewSmart also has the option to display current and historic energy consumption infor- mation, allowing consumers full control over their heating system usage and energy bills. The report also highlights relatively poor

transparency of billing in the heat network sector, something that Evinox is working hard to tackle directly through its in-house heat metering and billing service. Evinox has voluntarily adopted the key principles of the industry-led Heat Trust consumer protection scheme, with the aim of providing clear and comprehensive bills, as well as offering additional items such as Welcome Packs for new customers; an online portal to enable consumers to review their account status and make payments; as well as a published Fair Tariff policy, which explains how bills are calculated. The Heat Trust scheme drew praise from the report’s authors. The BEIS heat network consumers report

comes as the Competition and Markets Authority has also announced its own market study into the heat networks sector, a step which Evinox also welcomes.

01372 722277 Best-ever filter launched by Sentinel

The new Sentinel Eliminator Vortex300 Filter has not only been independently verified to collect more magnetic debris on continuous pass than any other compact filter on the market, but is also the company’s most compact, robust, and easy to install and service filter to date. What’s more, the Eliminator Vortex300 filter eliminates all of the major problems installers face with most other brand filters, such as leaks and

difficult handling, instead answering the call for a powerful magnetic filter with exceptional build quality, leak-free design, and compact size. ts petite size, along with in-line installation and 360° rotating T-piece, make the Eliminator Vortex300 filter incredibly quick and easy to fit.

01928 704330 Prepare your home for Winter

In the UK, our Winter conditions adversely affect many homes, causing water pipes to expand and rupture in properties and ultimately causing irrevocable damage, as well as triggering what has been reported as the most common type of homeowner insurance claim during the winter period – the escape of water, as a result of burst water pipes. That said, this widespread household winter insurance claim could be avoided through some basic preparation tips. Traditionally brass stopcocks have been the control valve for a home’s mains water supply, however they are not always located in the easiest of places to reach and due to being susceptible to limescale damage, can be quite difficult to turn off in an emergency. There is however now a modern alternative to brass stopcocks, Polypipe Surestop stopcock. Fitted in easy to reach places, the Surestop stopcock features a lockdown button, that can be simply and easily pressed to instantly stop the water supply. There are no electrics or batteries involved, it works purely on the water pressure and it will not seize up or be affected by limescale – unlike brass. The Surestop stopcock is also available with a version that includes a discreet, remote lockdown switch, that could be fitted in a kitchen cupboard or surface area, for even easier access and visibility.

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