Abacus Bathrooms leads the trend for pared- back, naturally beautiful design in 2017 with a new line-up of crisp sanitaryware. Part of the brand’s new Pure & Simple Collection, the sanitaryware range is designed to provide

the core building blocks for multiple bathroom styles. For a softer dynamic, there is ‘Simple’, which is still modern but has a gently curved silhouette with subtly classic overtones. Cleverly, the geometric and curved designs of Pure and Simple can also be successfully worked together, due to their shared simplicity, proportions and precise colour match. They are offered across a wide range of basins, WCs and bidets, from compact cloakroom products to top-end double basins with wall-hung WCs. Hi-spec and Economaire heaters

Johnson and Starley launched its highly successful range of WarmCair condensing warm air heaters, along with its market leading QuanTec range of boilers that can be connected to its warm air heater emitter range the Aquair. These units are highly efficient and will meet all future eco-design regulation requirements. The Aquair takes water from the boiler, and passes it through a heat exchanger which has a fan blowing across it. The Cleanflow electronic

air filtration system, which can remove airborne particles down to one micron from the atmosphere, including cigarette smoke.

01604 762881 Bespoke Drain Service from CCL Wetrooms

CCL Wetrooms have launched their new Fast Track Bespoke Drain Service, enabling customers to order any length of wetroom drain up to 2000mm, using their new two to three day manufacturing service. The service applies to all stainless steel drains in a Solid or Stone-Infill finish. The new Fast

Track Bespoke Drain service complements CCL Wetrooms’ standard range of grills which has grown from nine to fifteen standard lengths and offers customers an increased choice of finishing touches for their wetroom. The standard range of linear grills is available from 600mm to 2000mm lengths.

0844 327 6002 Vent-Axia named as double Finalist

Vent-Axia is delighted to announce that it was shortlisted in two categories in The Energy Awards 2017. The company’s revolutionary Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery unit, the Sentinel Kinetic Advance, was named as a finalist in the ‘Energy Efficient Product of the Year – HVAC&R’ and ‘Innovation of the Year – Technology: Physical’ categories. The innovative Sentinel Kinetic Advance is a

new breed of MVHR ventilation system with best in class performance and offering near silent, energy efficient and high-pressure operation. Designed for air-tight thermally efficient new build properties, the Advance is the first UK-manufactured web-enabled App-controlled MVHR unit, providing energy efficient ventilation and pioneering control.

0844 856 0590 LG embedded wi-fi wall mounted air con units

AIR EXPERTS for over 40 years

LG has launched a range of wall mounted air conditioning units with a plethora of new features including embedded wi-fi, and compatibility with its multi-split range. In addition, the 10-year compressor warranty that already applies to its single split wall mount units is now extended to include the multi split range. They are all quick and easy to install and operate from

as low as just 19Db, offering fast heating and jet cooling. Full details of the LG single split and multi split air conditioning options and LG’s complete range of heating and energy solutions is available on LG’s website. New showroom brings ventilation to life

The air you breathe is important, for indoor air quality solutions contact Vortice

01283 492949 WWW.HBDONLINE.CO.UK

A leading UK designer and manufacturer of ventilation systems EnviroVent has created a dedicated ventilation showroom at its training centre in Harrogate. The showroom contains working installations of the various ventilation units, where the ducting and airflows can

clearly be seen. Visitors are invited to make an appointment and receive a demonstration of the operation of ventilation products and how these help reduce humidity levels and prevent condensation and mould from forming in a home. Also at the new showroom, visitors can take a look at the operation of the new myenvirovent app. The app is available for the energisava 200, 250 and 380 MVHR systems.

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