using ceramic tiles.

One thing that has never gone out of fashion is the use of mosaics in wetrooms. In addition to more traditional mosaics, demand is rising for coloured glazing – particularly in small 12 x 12 mm mosaics mounted to 300 x 300 mm sheets – which helps to create the high-end design of spa showers.

Another tiling option, which has traditionally been seen as high end, is also predicted to see its popularity stretched across a much wider market. Marble – often associated with opulent homes of the rich and famous – has enjoyed a new lease of life, again thanks to the advances in inkjet printing, which allows its intricacies and delicate veining to be reproduced on ceramic tiles. Marble’s popularity was demonstrated at this year’s Cersaie exhibition in Italy, with many stands featuring marble effect tile, often in a Statuario design – a marble effect with a white background and sparse dark grey or gold veining.

This is nothing new, but now these marble tiles are being manufactured on extra-large format tiles. This is a natural extension from the large format tile trend, which has been growing in popularity over the past 12 months, with developers using large tiles as a tool to make a room appear

bigger. And of course, ceramic tiles offer many advantages over real marble – not least the reduced maintenance and care they require in a wet environment. Selecting on-trend tiles to create a stylish and luxurious bathroom is not the only concern for developers however, they need to also consider safety. Anti-slip tiles which have an A, B, C rating – or put simply good, better, best tiles – have a surface texture or particles on the surface to help reduce the aquaplaning effect between bare feet and moisture, and should be used on the floors of all wetrooms.

The ultimate luxury in a wetroom is likely to be underfloor heating (UFH), which is simple to install at the point of floor installation. Not only does it enhance the homeowner’s showering experience by offering a warm floor to stand on, but it ensures puddles of water quickly evaporate. The heating systems can be used to complement or replace traditional convected heat sources, such as radiators, helping to offer that minimalist feel. New products and advancements in tile manufacturing are providing consumers with more choice than ever before and, in turn, offering housebuilders and developers the chance to provide a stylish, luxurious bathroom, which will help increase the price of the property.

Snickers’ new ALLROUND 37.5® Insulator Jacket

Sharp, stylish looks and 37.5® fabric technology make this jacket a must for winter on site or outdoor leisurewear. Snickers Workwear continues to lead the way with working clothes that are unrivalled in design, superb functionality and fit. This great-looking quilted jacket is padded with 37.5® fabric insulation for warmth and climate control to keep your body warm or comfortably cool when you most need it. With a

water-repellent fabric, it can be worn on its own or combined with other Next Generation working clothes or Outer Layer waterproof Shell Jackets. Fashionable and functional, this jacket has long arm cuffs with thumb grips for warm comfort and a high collar that delvers extra wind protection. New year, new products

Freefoam Building Products have got off to a cracking start in 2018 with the launch of two new products ranges – Anthracite Grey Round Gutter System and an Acrylic interior panelling range. Colin St John, Commercial Director, explained “New Year is always a time for new opportunities. We’re delighted to launch these new products at the beginning of the year. It shows our commitment to creating new openings for our customers and these new products will open up new markets and give customers the range to meet demand from both housebuilders and the refurbishment sector”. Acrylic panels – Freefoam has now added a new range of Acrylic panels to augment the product offering. The ultimate modern wall panel giving the perfect balance of style and convenience and the ideal alternative to tiles - saving time and money. Designed to be easy to fit the Acrylic panel range features a unique tongue and groove fitting system. Anthracite rainwater range – The addition of a round gutter system is the next logical step to give Freefoam customers more choice and the flexibility to meet demand from housebuilders and specifiers. The Freefoam grey rainwater system is manufactured exactly to Ral 7016 allowing customers to create a truly co-ordinated design with matching fascia, soffit and guttering, doors and windows.

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Cameron Fraser is director of Ceramique Internationale

Durable, professional paints

Teknos is at the National Painting and Decorating Show headlining its Futura Aqua joinery range, along with its Timantii interior products and Siloksan masonry paints. Futura Aqua waterborne urethane alkyd based paints are ideal for exterior and interior joinery items and provide varying sheen levels. Incredibly durable, the products are suited to professionals requiring a hand applied brush finish that flows easily with few brush marks, as well as

application by roller or spray. The Timantti product family comprises a series of professional grade interior paints for walls and ceilings in dry and humid spaces where good washability and abrasion resistance is required.

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