BATHROOMS & WETROOMS; BUILDING PRODUCTS & SERVICES 35 The perfect match – new tap fitting collection

C.1 harmonises perfectly with all contemporary, linear bathroom ranges by Duravit. Designed by Kurt Merki Jr., the tap fittings with their perfectly proportioned look form a natural synthesis with washbasins and bathtubs perfectly complimenting the room with an unpreten- tious simplicity. Four different heights cater for a range of washbasin dimensions; three-hole tap fittings in two heights and wall-mounted fittings with a spout in two

lengths offer the required flexibility for customised design and freedom of movement. C.1 also offers an ideal tap fitting solution for bidets, showers and bathtubs. The matching hand showers and showerheads are available in various sizes and with both round and square designs.

01908 286 680 Saniflo features in ‘Grand Designs’ tiny house

Saniflo has helped turn a big dream of a Grand Designs tiny house into reality. The 38m² house with two bedrooms and two bathrooms features a basement and six half floors. One bathroom sits half a floor down from street level and uses a pump to take the waste to the discharge point. The industrial design wetroom features a shower, basin and WC each feeding into a Saniflo Sanicubic Pro 2 macerating pump situated directly beneath the wall hung WC in the basement. The pump

also takes waste from a washing machine sited in the basement and has additional outlets for the connection of future appliances. The property was featured on TV programme Grand Designs in the autumn of 2017.

020 8842 0033 Engel workwear stretches your comfort zone

Recognised the World over for its comprehensive range of comfortably fitting, stylish and practical workwear, F Engel build further on their reputation by introducing a collection of slim-fit, stretchable work trousers which allow wearers to be especially comfortable in any work situation – and look and feel

smart at the same time. Called ‘X-treme’, the trousers are made from 65 per cent polyester and 35 per cent cotton incorporating a specially developed mechanical stretch factor; they are available in various choices both with and without useful hanging pockets. Kaldewei’s new Cayonoplan shower

Kaldewei’s new Cayonoplan offers the perfect answer when it comes to designing a nearly flat shower solution. The enamelled Cayonoplan shower surface adapts to many different structural requirements. For instance, if adequate

height is available it can be installed at floor level. Where the bathroom does not allow for this the shower surface can be quickly and easily installed directly on top of the floor tiles. Thanks to 19 different dimensions, its laterally-positioned waste outlet and ultra flat tray support for the easiest possible assembly, the Cayonoplan is the ideal solution available in a generous range of sizes. The Cayonoplan complements the Cayono bath and Puro Washbasin allowing for a ‘Perfect Match’.

01480 498053 Presenting Puro Set Wide bath from Kaldewei

Puro Set Wide is the latest steel enamel bath from Kaldewei, perfect for bathing and showering with a centrally-positioned waste outlet and extra wide rim, giving maximum freedom for positioning taps and fittings. With an ergonomic backrest and extra steep walls on three sides, Puro Set Wide offers reclining comfort and

optimum legroom while bathing and freedom of movement and excellent underfoot safety while showering. Norcros Pro-Gyp Base Fast Track Sealer

Norcros Adhesives, manufacturer of tiling adhesives, grouts and surface preparation products, speeds up tiling on to green screeds with its latest system solution. Pro Gyp-Base Fast Track Sealer greatly reduces the minimum drying times. The new product comprises a three-stage preparation

system for fixing ceramic and porcelain tiles on to screeded surfaces. It is sold as a kit containing all the elements necessary to achieve a successful bond, including a primer, moisture suppressant and gritted primer. Used together, the system allows for fast track tile installation. Select the best with Sika PRO Select

The sealants and adhesive range from Everbuild – A Sika Company is growing with the launch of Sika PRO Select, a fantastic new range bringing the renowned Sika technical expertise to the trade user.

This extensive new range consists of ten products including Sika MaxTack Super Charged, an extremely fast setting adhesive with a fixing time of just 20 minutes and the ability to bond to a variety of surfaces, both indoors and outdoors and even underwater. The PRO Select range also includes Sika MaxTack Ultra Clear, a 100 per cent transparent, high strength sealant and adhesive, Sika MaxTack Ultimate, an extra strong hybrid sealant and adhesive for use on almost every application imaginable, SikaSeal Multi Purpose Silicone and Sika MaxTack Instant Grab SF. So whatever the application, there is sure to be a suitable product in the Sika PRO Select range.

For more information on the PRO Select range or any other product within the Everbuild and Sika ranges, contact your local sales representative, call the sales office or visit the website.

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