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Venue Insight catch up with Sam Byrom, marketing guru at family firm Jaymart Rubber & Plastics. Since the swinging Sixties Jaymart have supplied the UK with all of their flooring needs. With a customer base as diverse as ‘Big Brother to Buckingham Palace you’re in safe hands if a flooring overhaul is planned for 2018.

Cutting to the chase then; why Jaymart?...

As it says in the intro, we have been operating in this industry since the 60’s; providing high quality mats and flooring to many high calibre names. We know our flooring and matting is of the highest quality and can assure we can pick the perfect product for whatever your application or flooring and matting needs. With over 50 years of experience, we won’t get it wrong!

Just how important is Entrance Matting to a venue?...

I’m sure I don’t need to tell you how important first impressions are for a venue. First impressions count. This all starts the moment someone walks into the venue. If the entrance isn’t professional and representative of your brand image; how can the rest of the building be? Am I right?

Further, investing in fit-for-purpose entrance matting protects your investment in often pricy interior floor-coverings, helping it look better for longer and



reducing cleaning and maintenance costs not bad for a humble mat!

Artificial Grass is here to stay it would seem. Many pubs and bars are utilising it across their outdoor spaces but do you think the bubble will burst or will it keep evolving?...

100% agree, it seems like it is here to stay. No one knows for certain where artificial grass will be in 20 years time, but for now what we do know is it highly practical and very trendy. Not only are venues utilising this fantastic product in outdoor areas, but they are starting to find ways to incorporate it indoors too! In my opinion this is a product that is going to keep on evolving! Why wouldn’t it? IT’S GREAT!

You guys have a very extensive range. What’s your favourite product and why?...

Well, you can never have too many products; this is why we can always find the perfect product for whatever the application.

The obvious choice would be our ‘Ingenius logo mats’. With our extensive, vibrant


colour range, and our master craftsman, the possibilities are literally limitless. I have seen firsthand some impossible, yet somehow achievable logo mats produced for some of the world’s top brands and venues such as; Jack wills, Ferrari, Sunseeker and many more.

My personal favourite, however, is our un-sung hero the anti-fatigue mat, used behind bars and counters – anybody who has ever stood for a living would also have a deep affection for this product. Anti-fatigue matting can make a real difference to the comfort of your working day (or night)… and it can occasionally save a few breakages too!

2018 is upon us. What can we expect from Jaymart going forward?...

You can expect lots of new and exciting projects including new matt black and bronze anodised extrusion options for our aluminium entrance matting. But also you can expect the same consistent quality and sound advice we have always been providing for our customers for 50 years. We look forward to helping your readers make a great first impression during 2018.

Happy New Year from all at Jaymart!

32 JANUARY 2018


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