DECEMBER 2017 Don’t panic! Office parties and Christmas shopping do not have to dominate the whole of the lead up to Christmas. Tere’s plenty of time for gigs as well. So, before lubricating your nutcrackers and making sure that your mistletoe is well hung, scan your festive mince pies over this little lot.

Get your best plates out on the 1st and enjoy China In Your Hands at Te Waterfront with T’Pau. I cannot believe it is 30 years since this was number one in the charts. It was a flight on the wings of a young girl’s dreams that flew too far away.

Tere’s a winter visitor at Te Owl Sanctuary on the 2nd when electro- folk duo Meadowlark fly in, supported by exciting local composer and music producer Hydra Lerna. I’m already twitching at the prospect of that one.

Carl Palmer, legendary drummer with Atomic Rooster and one third of seventies prog-rock giants ELP, is at Epic Studios on the 3rd. And that really will be epic.

Roland Gift may no longer be a Fine Young Cannibal, but after he’s had his tea he will be at Te Waterfront on the 6th. And the answer is yes. I did once fall in love with someone I shouldn’t have fallen in love with.

Frank Carter and Te Rattlesnakes are at the Nick Rayns LCR on the 7th. Pints of snakebite all round. Or possibly not.

Show your true colours when Peach Club headline an evening with C-Red at Norwich Arts Centre on the 9th.

Merry Xmas Everybody. Slade will hanging up their stocking on the wall, and every Santa will be having a ball at Te Waterfront on the 10th. So here it is...



Tere’s only one band I know that sing about nematode worms. Check out Te Moulettes at Norwich Arts Centre. Teir Final Preternatural Tour rolls into town on the 19th.

Local blues/folk musician Tom Malachowski headlines at Epic Studios on the 22nd, following the release of his new single Cards On Te Table. Great local support from Pirate Joe & Te Foreign Locals, Elly Bishop and Late Nights // Early Mornings. Start your Christmas weekend here. Stuff your pockets with Quality Street, and let the Yuletide commence.

And Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without Bad Manners, particularly with all those Brussels sprouts around. Have an extra large helping back at Epic Studios on the 23rd.

And that’s basically it, gig-wise, until the New Year. If you are looking for some live music on the 31st, you should head to Te Brickmakers where Pure Passion and Blind Tiger will be playing their way into 2018, with just the briefest of pauses to link arms and sing as many words as you can to Auld Lang Syne as the clocks strike twelve.

JANUARY 2018 Most acts take a well earned rest from touring during the first two weeks of January, so your spanking new diary may look a little empty to start with. Devote your days to spending those gift vouchers in the sales, or placing any unwanted presents on E-Bay. But fear not. Tat well-seasoned trooper John Otway is back on the road and feeling Really Free. He will be at Norwich Arts Centre on the 5th.

Tere’s a quartet of local quality on the 13th when Meltdown Live put the salt down on King Street and entice us along to the Waterfront Studio for an

evening with Finn Doherty, We’ll Be Detectives, Vaudevue and Kulk. Ice and snow permitting, vintage Scottish punk band Skids will make it safely Into Te Valley and down to Te Waterfront on the 19th, supported by Te Spitfires. Clean pants on for that one.

Blues singer Mud Morganfield, eldest son of the legendary Muddy Waters, performs a mix of his own material and songs made famous by his father. Meet the son of the Hoochie Coochie Man at Norwich Arts Centre on the 20th.

Former lead singers with mega American rock bands – Frank Cosmo (Boston) and Bobby Kimball (Toto), arrive as Te Legendary Frontmen of Rock at Epic Studios on the 25th. You can park your stretch limos at the Pay and Display underneath the Magdalen Street flyover.

Los Angeles quintet Te Hollywood Undead will be at the Nick Rayns LCR on the 27th. Get your hockey masks out for that one.

Assuming they are not stuck in a snowdrift, American metalcore band Motionless In White will be at Te Waterfront on the 28th. Teir set will include material from new album Graveyard Shift, so remember to wrap up warm.

And please remember to check the continually updated listings pages on Outline’s website for more details of what local venues may be organising over the Christmas and New Year period. And remember, you don’t have to shop at Waitrose in order to get ‘snowed in’ at your local pub.


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