12 DECEMBER 2017 & 21 JANUARY 2018 Brickies Speedquiz Te Brickmakers

DEC 17 - JAN 18 Teatre Royal Norwich

It is panto time at Norwich Teatre Royal this Christmas (oh yes, it is) and so get ready for a fun, festive take on Sleeping Beauty from Dec 13 to Jan 14. Te show will be packed with slapstick, fun, comedy, songs, dancing, and all the ingredients that make a great pantomime.

Heading into January and the classic story Around Te World In 80 Days takes to the stage from January 16- 20. Phileas Fogg and his trusty valet Passepartout’s madcap story of a cross-global journey will see eight actors play 125 characters in a show which also features six trains, five boats, four fights, three dances, two circus acts and an elephant. 28 / DEC 17-JAN 18 / OUTLINEONLINE.CO.UK

Forget pen and paper, Te Brickmakers in Norwich are bringing the humble Pub Quiz kicking and screaming into the 21st century. Most of us use a smart phone or a tablet these days and that is all you will need to take part. Armed with a team of eight buddies, a tablet or smart phone and a little knowledge this is quizzing like you’ve never known it before. With a little Brickies magic, your phones and tablets turn into a buzzer, and a quiz green for your team. Questions are beamed to your device and you answer questions there and then with bonus points for answering before the other teams. Its, hilariously fun, no pens, no paper and cheating isn’t an option. It’s only £1 each to play and the winners take the money pot and get entered on our leaderboard. Te top 5 teams at the end of the year get to play the final for the Brickies Speed Quizzing cup!! and a few beers to fill it with, Come and join the fun.

JANUARY 27 Te Angel Gardens celebrates 30 years Te Angel Gardens

30 years ago this January Margaret Tatcher became the longest serving Prime Minister, Ronald Reagan (ex film star) was U.S President, and Ian Warren took over the Angel Gardens pub in Norwich. Ian had already cut his teeth in Yarmouth for a couple of years. It is strikes me that Ian has run that pub longer than many of our readers have been alive. So we asked Ian what was it like running a pub 30 years ago compared to now...

1987 Real Ales Wine

Heineken 3.8% - 89p a pint Gins

1 hand pump 2

1 Red / 1 Dry White / 1 Sweet White 2017

9 hand pumps 5% - £4 pint 15

15-16 Reds & Whites + Rose/Sparkling

What do you think was one of the things affected pubs? “Smoking ban. It took customers and pubs time to adjust, and undoubtedly supermarkets. Te range of drinks and prices they offer have affected pubs” What do you most enjoy? “Te range of people I deal with in customers, brewers other pubs, I actually see running a pub as a vocation, I love it!”

01 JANUARY 2018 Cromer’s New Year’s Day Firework Display 2018 Cromer Pier

Cromer Pier at 5pm on 1st January 2018 for the traditional New Year’s Day Firework display. Assisted with the use of digital firing system which allows split second firing from multiple locations. Visitors are urged to arrive in Cromer as early as possible on New Year’s Day. All three town car parks will be open. Runton Road car park will be charging a fixed charge of £2 per car for all day parking from 2pm on the day. Normal car park fees will apply on all other car parks. Te event is free, however there will be bucket collectors out in force on the day to fundraise for the 2019 display.

Photo credit: Richard Hubbard

Photo courtesy of Archant

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