a band who sit down and discuss what the next move is. It’s all a bit more natural than that. We like to let the music lead the way. What keeps you wanting to make music together? Te thrill of creating something that people can cherish and love forever is the main thing that keeps us wanting to keep making music together. I know Shed Seven went through some difficult times with labels throughout your career. What did you learn from those experiences? We have had a few record label run ins over the years. It can be frustrating when someone has an idea, but then outside influences get involved and a good idea turns into an ok idea. Tere is and always will be things to learn and overcome. Shed Seven were considered a Britpop band at the time – would you say you ever really were, or aimed to be so? I would say that we are British and we play an element of pop music, so in that respect we are Britpop, but I think we are and always have been a whole lot more than just that. Don’t forget, when we first a started getting written about we were ladrock and other tags from that time. Who is exciting the band musically at the moment, and what will be on in the tour bus? Tere are a lot of great bands about at the minute. I’m liking the Australian psychedelic scene with bands like a Tame Impala, King Gizzard etc. Also Foxygen and Te Lemon Twigs. Circa Waves know there way around a melody. You have many fans across the world – where has been the most obscure place you’ve played and got a tremendous response? We played a gig in Indonesia a few years ago. A one off gig playing our old songs to a crowd of about 4000. We didn’t really know what to expect as we never played there in the 90’s, so it was a surprise but also satisfying to see and hear everyone singing every word back at us. What’s life like for you when you’re not being Rick

“Everyday is a rock n roll day in the Witter household”

Witter from Shed Seven – do you have pretty much a normal life day to day? Everyday is a rock n roll day in the Witter household What else would you like to achieve in your career, either with the Sheds or in other projects? Tere are so many songs still inside waiting to be delivered and time is short. I’ve tried a lot of other things in my time but it always comes back to this. How do you manage to keep playing the older songs live and keep them fresh and fun to play for the band and the audience? I think our audience keeps our back catalogue feeling fresh. Tere is no bigger buzz than seeing a room full of people singing every word back to you, and the feeling of love and excitement. It makes it really easy to play old songs with energy and commitment. My favourite Sheds song is Dolphin…I love the intro so much,

the cheeky guitar bridge and also how hot you look in the video, ha! Which is your favourite track, and why? Too many songs to choose a favourite, but I do like album tracks as much as the singles. Not that I devote too much time listening to our history. Too busy looking forward. What do you feel you’ve given your fans

over the years, and what have you gained from your musical career? I’d like to think that over the years we have given fans a lot of enjoyable listening experiences. If you can tap in to people’s feelings and allow people to hear a song and think ‘yes, I can relate to that’, then it’s job done. I think we are good at doing that. What happens next for the band? Well, it would appear that we are a full time working band again. Te plan is to tour the world and play festivals in 2018, whilst starting to write new songs for another potential studio album.


Shed Seven will playing at the Nick Raynes LCR on Monday 11th December. For more information visit


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