Bloghaus was born when two friends, Bod and Jonno realised they were having more fun at home pre- drinking than when they got out into the city. Playing a wide variety of indie hits and electro bangers, Bloghaus harks back to 2007 - a golden year in alternative music. Back when skinny jeans, American apparel hoodies and nights at Po Na Nas were all the rage. Bloghaus will take you back to those heady days. From the Klaxons to CSS, Daft Punk to Justice. Get down to Bloghaus and do the D.A.N.C.E.

Tell me a little bit about yourselves; how did you meet, and how did you come to be the DJ duo that is “Bloghaus”. B: Well we grew up together and went to high school out in the Sticks and remained close throughout University; and even though we went our separate ways, (Jonno went to Brighton and I went to Reading) I would drive down there most weekends as the night life was way better. J: At that time, when we were just starting to get into going out there were a lot of Indie nights, Electro nights and just more of an alternative scene in general which, I guess, is just where we fitted in best. B: Fast forward way too many years, like 10 years, and we were round yours one night just having way more fun at home listening to our own music than we would being out. It’s at that point now where we are too old for the student nights and not quite ready to make the transition …so we kind of felt like there wasn’t much for us in terms of ‘night life’ in Norwich. J: I guess it was like, we weren’t happy with something we just thought why not have a go at doing it ourselves have? So

we did! So you are both self confessed bedroom DJ’s, but tell me a bit more about your musical influences and what you love to listen to. B: I definitely lean more towards the Pop Punk era and well as the Indie movement of the “Noughties”. I was in a few

Up until now their

club night takings have all gone to various different local charities such as Norwich Soup Movement and Te People’s Picnic.

Bloghuas @

Gringos Tequila Bar 23d December 2017 10pm-3am £3 entry

bands when I was younger but when I went to Uni I was more concentrated on my studies. J: I have no musical talent what so ever! I just have a huge appreciation for all kinds of music; Bod is into his punk and stuff, where as I am more into the Dance and Electro and R&B

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so when you mix all of that together it’s a pretty accurate representation of Bloghaus. Norwich is obviously quite renowned for its rich and vibrant alternative scene, how do you feel Bloghaus fits in or stands out amongst all of it? B: We try and aim to play tracks that you wouldn’t usually hear on a Saturday night at the Waterfront; not that there is anything wrong with those nights out, we think they’re great, but we just want to bring something different to the table. Nostalgic, but also not what you hear every weekend. We realise that we can’t do it too often because it wouldn’t be as fun listening to the same thing all the time.

J: Our musical tastes gel together pretty well, there is definitely point in the

middle where out influences and tastes mix and then from that we end up playing some wild cards for sure! People always come up to us after and say “Oh my God, I love that song!” or “I totally forgot about that song!” Oooo I do love a wild card! Could you give any example of a “left field” track that you like to whack out when the moment is right?

B: Touch and Go “Would you go to bed with me?” You know, with that trumpet hook? J: Play that at 2:00 in the morning, when everyone’s had a few, and everyone loves that song! So the 23rd December will be your 6th Bloghaus night, a Christmas party blow out so to speak. What can the fine people of Norwich expect? J: Well there’s not going to be a lot of Christmas music so that will hopefully be a relief for a lot of people because around that time that will be all you hear. B: We have spent a bit more money on making the event a really good one with lots of novelty highlight so you can expect to see loads of branded Christmas hats as well as other fairly outlandish decorations to make it Christmassy and fun. J: Te last one was a huge success, I would say about as close to Po Na Na’s on a Monday as you could get. B: We are hoping for the 23rd to be the same but better; packed, no one cares what they look like, all rammed into a little room in Gringos having the best time ever!


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