50 TIMBER & JOINERY Red Grandis™ lands at Lathams O

ne of the UK’s biggest independent timber and panel products distributor, James Latham, is now offering Red

Grandis™ directly from stock through all eight of its nationwide timber depots. Ethically sourced and plantation grown in Uruguay by forestry and logging giant Urufor, Red Grandis is one hundred percent FSC® certified and fully complaint with EUTR legislation. Offering exceptional durability and stability, this high-performing, versatile hardwood timber - which comes from the Eucalyptus family - is also easy to machine and stain, plus, because it is plantation grown, it offers continuity of supply. James Latham’s Technical Timber Sales

Development Manager, Justin Hayward explained, “We are really excited to be able to offer this product and I am confident that it will quickly become a popular choice with our customers. Red Grandis is ethically sourced; environmentally friendly and readily available and this, coupled with outstanding levels of performance in stability and durability, ensures that it ticks all of the boxes not only for us, but for our customers.” Typical uses for Red Grandis include all types

of joinery such as windows, doors, conservatories, mouldings and cladding. It is particularly well suited to large projects such as door frames as it is supplied in long engineered lengths so it is less likely to bow and warp, this in turn reduces the need to overlap and finger joint frames. Mr Hayward added, “James Latham has a long

history and expertise in bringing new and innovative products to market and Red Grandis fits perfectly within our extensive timber portfolio which boasts one of the largest and most varied ranges of joinery quality hardwoods and softwoods available in the UK.” Red Grandis is available in the following

thicknesses as sawn timber; 25mm, 32mm, 38mm and 50mm and in widths of 150mm and

wider as well as long lengths (mainly 3.7m to 4.9m). It is also offered as WoodEx®, Latham’s own premium quality, engineered hardwood and softwood timber product in all core sizes for joinery applications as clear faced and finger jointed for long lengths.

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EGGER Protects!

EGGER's flagship flooring product, EGGER Protect, is helping UK housebuilders tackle on-site issues that can cause serious delays. It is the only structural flooring product on the market that can be exposed to the elements for up to 60 days. Independent testing by EXOVA, one of the world’s most reputable materials testing and product qualification testing businesses, has proved that EGGER’s market leading Protect boards will remain structurally sound after being exposed to the elements for up to 60 days. This is an increase from the standard 42 days, which makes EGGER Protect unique in the market. With EGGER P5 flooring grade chipboard at its core, EGGER Protect provides the quality assurance that builders require. The tongue and groove profile created using specialist diamond tipped tooling provides tight-fitting and consistent joints. This innovative technology speeds up and facilitates board installation with impressive results. EGGER Protect, EGGER P5 and EGGER Peel Clean Xtra, are all part of a portfolio of structural P5 grade flooring boards with enhanced moisture resistant properties. These tongue and groove boards are part of the company’s industry leading Advanced Structural Flooring System which is specifically designed to save time, money and manpower.

0845 602 4444 WWW.HBDONLINE.CO.UK

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