GROUNDWORKS & SEWAGE TREATMENT; HEATING & RENEWABLE ENERGY 35 District Heating at Southbank Place Canary Wharf E

vinox Energy are delighted to be working with Canary Wharf Group plc on the Southbank Place development. This outstanding scheme features a district heating system that incorporates a highly efficient energy centre, which will reduce the carbon footprint of the site. The District network will supply residents with thermal energy for heating, cooling and the production of domestic hot water. Southbank Place is being developed by

Braeburn Estates, a joint venture between Canary Wharf Group plc and Qatari Diar Real Estate Investment Company. When complete it will feature seven new buildings including residential space, state-of-the-art offices and a diverse mix of retail. This 5.25-acre development also features the iconic Shell building and offers some of the best views in London including the London Eye, Houses of Parliament, Whitehall and exceptional vistas of the river.

HEATING & COOLING INTERFACE UNITS Evinox Energy have supplied ModuSat® heating and cooling interface units, including twin plate units for instantaneous heating and hot water, single plate units for cooling and models that feature an integrated hot water storage tank.

The Canary Wharf Group plc decided this was the ideal solution as many apartments require both heating and cooling throughout the home.

SMART CONNECTED CONTROL The Interface units at Southbank Place feature our SmartTalk® two-way communication technology, which operates using the same hard-wired network as the metering data collection without additional costs. This enables all dwellings to be remotely metered, controlled, interrogated and tested, and enables operation and maintenance routines to be run remotely including the diagnosis of faults. The system picks up a range of alarms such as faulty components, faulty meters, high/low system pressure. By using our two-way communication

system, any HIU performance check can also be carried out remotely, significantly reducing inconvenience, maintenance time and cost.


Each home also features an Evinox ViewSmart ENE3 controller, which can display all of the information required to gain credits for the Code for Sustainable Homes. This includes

Digi-Line electric radiators – the smart choice

Cutting-edge energy management features available on the Digi-Line range of electric radiators from Electrorad serve to cement its position as a number one choice with contractors, installers and plumbers. Features that include unique independent double panel control, in-built energy monitoring (on the

TouchE3 option), and virtual open window sensors, make Digi-Line the efficient and easy-to-control alternative to traditional central heating. It is also an ideal replacement for outdated storage heaters and panel heaters. Digi-Line radiators are available with two heating panels. Bespoke valve configurations

For any building service contractor, the key to a successful project is the efficiency of the installation – in short, time spent on planning and onsite. Integrated piping solutions manufacturer, Pegler Yorkshire, has developed a unique service that delivers bespoke valve arrangements for fan coils in a significantly reduced lead time from the

merchant’s order. The process works by uploading drawings for take off preparation, Pegler Yorkshire’s technical team can offer direct guidance on optimisation for efficiency and the most cost effectiveness for your proposal. Your preferred merchant receives the quote and once the order is received it will be fulfilled in line with the installation schedule. WWW.HBDONLINE.CO.UK EST. 1987


• Simple process • Simple installation • Economical maintenance • Tested to EN 12566 - Part 3



Tel: 01278 786104 Fax: 01278 793380 Email: Burnham Environmental Services Ltd.

NEW ‘T9’ FOR 9


historical consumption data in a graphical format to enable residents to view information about their usage and compare different periods. This removes the requirement to install a separate energy display device to gain credits towards the Code for Sustainable Homes.

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