40 PRODUCT FOCUS Harvey Water

Softeners A Dualflo Water Softener is the best solution to hard water problems. As the trade brand of Harvey Water Softeners, it protects homes from limescale and completely eliminates any existing scale. It also makes appliances live longer, as well as keeping kitchens and bathrooms shinier; saving money through- out the home. Kept under the kitchen sink, it supplies every tap and shower with softened water by simply running on water pressure and block salt. It’s maintenance free and provides 24/7 softened water. Safety Technology Burnham

International (STI) In a recent revision to the BS5839-1:2017 the British Standard Institute has recommended, in section 20.2 b) of the update, that: “All MCPs should be fitted with a protective cover, which is moved to gain access to the frangible elements.” Safety Technology International (STI) supply a range of protective covers, from integral covers to sounder models; there are variations to suit all applications. These covers are specifically designed to prevent false alarms whether accidental or malicious.

Environmental The Biodigester ‘T’ range caters for six to 42 people and larger Biodigesters are available for up to 2000 people. All Biodigesters are suitable for variable loading. The ‘T’ range Biodigester has been tested to EN12566 Pt 3 and has a CE Mark. Owners are impressed by the limited maintenance required, infrequent emptying intervals and the ‘Odour Free’ totally aerobic process. The Biodigester range is backed over 45 years experience and full details may be obtained from Burnham Environmental Services Ltd.


Realise the VELUX potential with VELUX blinds. Help your customers make the most of their new VELUX roof windows – by choosing VELUX blinds. Quick and easy to fit, they add the finishing touch to any project, which is great for your customers and good for your business. VELUX blinds are an ideal way to control light and heat, with a wide range of colours and designs. VELUX blinds are easy to order in the right size with the roof window’s data plate. Avaiable in manual, electric or solar operation and with the Unique Pick&ClickTM

Systems blinds can

be fitted in minuites.



Kloeber a leading specialist in timber and aluminium folding sliding doors and bespoke glazing solutions in timber, aluminium and composite. Offering a complete package of glazing solutions including folding sliding doors, sliding doors, windows, French and single doors, fixed frame glazing and roof lights Kloeber is a one stop shop for the self-builder and home renovator. With a tailor-made service from inception to completing including survey and fitting service if required. Visit one of their three extensive showrooms or call to discuss your individual project.


With a focus on making products for the bathroom with a plethora of innovative features, HiB has created a new cabinet with Bluetooth Technology, incorporating integrated speakers for outstanding sound. The Aluminium Cabinet also includes heated doors to clear condensation, mirrored sides and LED lighting which can be altered from cool white to warm white. With an interior illuminated magnifying mirror, double charging sockets and central divide on the 60cm & 80cm, the Groove Cabinet is the most complete cabinet available today. Available in 50x70cm, 60x70cm and 80x70cm

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