editor’s letter TheWinds of Change Tiffany Bailey

quote fromT.S.Eliot’s LittleGidding: “Whatwe call the beginning is often the end.And tomake an end is tomake a beginning.” So,while itmay be the end of the summer,which I knowis sad for


many readers, it is also a time to look forward towhat lies ahead as we roll into the fall season. It’s a time to focus; bettering ourselves andworking hard to achieve the goalswe’ve set.

TheDanceCouncil ofNorth Texas is doing just that.We’re focusing on howwe can better serve our diverse community by offering pro- grams and services that support its unique needs.OnOctober 8, DanceCouncil ofNorth Texas is partneringwithCollinCollege to bring youDancer’sNetwork,whichwill bring together profession- als fromall areas of dance – covering information on career prepa- ration, providing networking opportunities and holding audition classes. This is an opportunity to unite thoseworking in the field of dance; enabling themto connect and familiarize themselveswith the resources that are available to themin the community.

We’ll also be holding the fan-favoriteDallasDanceFest on September 2-3,whichwill take place atDallasCity PerformanceHall. This is a

s the summer seasonwinds down and preparations aremade for the newschool year, newtraining schedules, and fresh performance calendars, I’mreminded of a

wonderful showcase of local talent, featuringDanielleGeorgiou DanceGroup,DallasBlackDance Theatre,DarkCircles ContemporaryDance,Dallas YouthRepertory Project and Chamberlain PerformingArts, to name just a fewin this incredible lineup.

In addition,DanceCouncil ofNorth Texaswill be holding our annualHonors awards ceremony onOctober 29,which recognizes and celebrates thosewho havemade a difference in dance inNorth Texas. Past recipients include such luminaries asNathalie Krassovska, TomAdams,Ben Stevenson, Patsy Swayze,Ann Williams,AnitaN.Martinez andVeletta Forsythe-Lill. This year, we’re bringing the celebration back toDallasBlackDance Theatre’s studio location. This intimate setting has always provided a unique opportunity to connectwith friends old and new.What’smore, therewill be a performance and silent auction that youwon’twant tomiss.

Wherever your newbeginning takes you this fall,we hope you’ll join us at one or all of these exciting events.Celebrating dance, sup- porting friends and colleagues, andmeeting newpeople is the backbone of our dance community. TheDanceCouncil ofNorth Texas exists to helpmake that possible. Thank you for your contin- ued support.

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August-October 2017


a publicationof the dance council of northtexas vol. 20 • no. 3

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