nies—twenty six are local. The submissions for this year’s festi- val were outstandingly strong,making the selection process a difficult one for the panel. The Dance Council would like to say thank you to everyone that submitted, and we are so excited to be presenting the strongest show we’ve had in the four year history of DanceFest!

This year’s performing companies are: Dallas Black Dance Theatre, DBDT: Encore!, BruceWood Dance Project, Dark Circles Contemporary Dance, Texas Ballet Theater, Dallas Youth Repertory Project,Wanderlust Dance Project, NobleMotion Dance, Lake Cities Ballet Theatre, Ballet Frontier of Texas, Danielle Georgiou Dance Group, Indique Dance Co., ImPULSE Dance Project, Center for Ballet Arts, Granadans, Texas Ballet Theater School, Arden Leone Dance Co., Dallas Ballet Co., Uno Más, Chamberlain Performing Arts, SMUMeadows Dance Ensemble, Contemporary Ballet Dallas, Ballet Ensemble of Texas, Royale Ballet, RIFF, Kat Barragan Dance, and Rhythmic Souls Tap Company.

The depth and breadth of the programs will be outstanding. The programs will include up and coming local choreographers such as: Kat Barragan, Hailey Von Schlehenried, Arden Leone, Zach Biehl, Adrian Aguirre, Eric Emerson, and Claire Glidewell.

DanceFest 2017 will have a fabulous connection to the New York City Ballet, as former soloist Lisa Hess-Jones has

The Dallas DanceFest is Back! T

he Dallas DanceFest is back! The 2017 performances on Saturday, September 2, and Sunday, September 3, celebrate dance in North Texas, featuring twenty seven dance compa-

Pictured:Dance Ensemble of Texas. Photo: Cathy Vanover

choreographed a work for Chamberlain Performing Arts, and current NYCB dancer Silas Farley has choreographed a work for the Dallas Ballet Company. DYRP will present a work by renownedmodern choreographer, DougMarone. Rhythmic Souls will be dancing a new tap work, as will the excellent tap-

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Pictured:WanderlustDance Project page 14 August-October 2017

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