Schlüter® Choice

design flexibility, ease of installation and enabling the creation of CE marked bonded waterproofing assemblies, the versatile Schlüter®


-KERDI-BOARD – The Specifier’s

hen specifying for a project, products that save time and face are always appreciated. Offering

-KERDI-BOARD is the answer to

many an architect’s prayer. Direct from the UK leaders in solutions for the application of tile and stone, Schlüter®


KERDI-BOARD is the cement-free, multi- functional installation board. Providing a smooth substrate and enabling precise angling of corners, seven thickness options are available – ranging from five to 50mm. Whilst the boards at the thinner end of the spectrum are designed for use over existing substrates, latter thicknesses can be used as construction panels to create features such as shelves, partition walls and seats, allowing for unbridled freedom of design. Schlüter®

-KERDI-BOARD provides CE marked bonded waterproofing, with no need advantages of Schlüter® -KERDI-BOARD

extend beyond design versatility and through into the process of construction. For contractors, a move to Schlüter®


BOARD represents a quicker and easier installation process, with time savings being made due to its light weight and ease of cutting. Schlüter®

-KERDI-BOARD makes for

for additional finishing processes. Using the various sealing bands, adhesives and pre-cut corner parts available from the Schlüter®


KERDI range, the seams between individual boards are quickly and robustly sealed, creating a complete CE marked bonded waterproofing assembly upon which tiling can commence without delay. To the benefit of trade relationships, the

Celotex GA4075 used to create contemporary art

Celotex insulation has been designed to help keep buildings warm and make them more energy efficient – and the panels do their primary job very well. However, one artist has found a different way to use the building material, creating unique sculptural works of art with shining metallic finishes. The story of these artworks goes back to 2007 when Italian-born artist Rudolf Stingel held a year-long solo exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago. The show included several examples of Stingel’s work spanning the previous 20 years, and also included a purpose-built entry gallery. This room was entirely clad in Celotex TUFF-R Zero (GA4075) with the silver foil layer creating an almost mirror-like finish on the gallery walls. The room was illuminated with a glimmering chandelier, and the result was a shining space, with fascinating light effects and reflections. Celotex is lightweight, meaning it would have been easy to transport, and it would have added very little load when attached to the gallery’s existing walls. Cutting it is also simple – it can be done with a knife or saw – and this would have helped to speed up the installation process.

01473 822093  Airedale goes home

After suffering fire damage in 2013, Airedale International Air Conditioning’s Headquarters needed to be rebuilt on a tight schedule. Kingspan Kooltherm FM Pipe Insulation was installed on the successful rebuild in Rawdon, Leeds, due to its wide operating temperature envelope

which suited the capabilities of their R&D centre. All pipe insulation used on the project was required to have FM Approval. Kingspan Kooltherm FM Pipe Insulation is FM Approved per Approval Standard Class 4924.

01544 388 601 Thermal Bridging for Grade II building

Spacetherm Wallboard has been supplied by the A. Proctor Group to mitigate thermal bridging for the historic Electricity House building in Bristol. Used in this instance as a Window Reveal Board, Spacetherm Wallboard was developed to prevent thermal bridging through a compo-

nent or element of a structure. Spacetherm Wallboard is a high performance laminate, which consists of Spacetherm Aerogel insula- tion blanket bonded to plasterboard, and is ideal for use in applica- tions where low U-values are required, and space is at a premium.

01250 872261

a considerably greener alternative to other options, such as plasterboard and cement-faced products: the foam core is thermally insulating, helping to conserve energy use and improve comfort, and the absence of a cementitious layer means that it costs less to transport and produces no dust when cut, making for healthier working conditions. With Schlüter-Systems you’re in safe

hands; for more information call, email or visit the website.

01530 813396



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