Try Threading for All Natural Hair Removal T

hreading is an all-natural process of hair removal that originated in Southeast Asia. Just a piece of cotton thread is used, creating a knot to remove facial hair. Threading lasts a

lot longer, since the hair is being plucked from the roots. It is also minimally invasive to the skin as there are no harsh chemicals or wax involved and is great for all skin types. The technicians fi nd the perfect shape of one’s eyebrows that fl atters your face as well. As it is a cultural regiment in my native country, Nepal, I have been threading since I was 14. It’s a tradition passed down to the females of our generation that is practical, cost effective and pro- duces wonderful results.

Perhaps no one else is qualifi ed enough to provide more details regarding threading than Binda Neupane, owner of GBS Brows threading, who commercially started one of the fi rst threading salons in Connecticut. Coming from humble beginnings in Nepal, she is self-taught since there were no authentic beauty schools in Nepal at that time. She wanted to bring the concept to this com- munity where threading was virtually unknown, realizing the shift the nation was taking towards natural beauty products. Opening a small salon called GBS Threading and Spa commercially in Trumbull Mall in 2007, she slowly made people aware about the benefi ts of threading and having well-shaped, fuller eyebrows. A decade later, threading has been much more popular and salons have popped up like mushrooms. Her advice is to go to a well rep- utable salon with highly qualifi ed technicians. With over twenty years of experience and over ten stores under her belt, Binda aims to provide 100% natural hair removal and beauty services to our community.

Submitted by Bismita Ghimire. Currently, there are fi ve GBS loca- tions in Connecticut (West Hartford, Newington, Storrs and Enfi eld) and three locations in Massachusetts. GBS also provides other ser- vices, such as sugar waxing, hair treatment, henna, all natural facials, and skin care services. Contact: Binda Neupane 203 520 3222, Shiva Neupane 203 520 2864 or Kusum Basnet 860 523 6232 for more information. See ad on page 15.

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massage therapy clinic in Windsor, Connecticut. After nine years in Windsor, Dr. Munro moved her offi ce to Suffi eld, where she is planning on residing with her family.


Dr. Munro’s interest in Naturopathic medicine started while at- tending Oregon State University. She began her own healthy path of nutritious eating, spirituality, and yoga after studying abroad for a year in Australia. Preparations for Naturopathic medical school didn’t begin until several years later, after graduating from college and becoming a massage therapist.

Dr. Munro sees both adult and pediatric patients in her practice. She focuses on helping people with their chronic health issues using nutrition and lifestyle changes, herbs, and nutritional supplements. She also offers weight loss programs and preventative medicine services. Dr. Munro has developed expertise in identify- ing food sensitivities, treating digestive issues, fatigue,

and hormonal imbalance.

The offi ce accepts Aetna, BCBS, Cigna, Connecticare, and Multi- plan insurance. She can be reached at (860) 758-7808 or info@

Nature’s Helper Medical Clinic: Celebrating 10 Years in July

ature’s Helper Medical Clinic celebrates its ten-year an- niversary in July 2017. Dr. Stacey Munro, a Naturopathic physician got her start in a small offi ce located inside a

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