understanding of spiritual concepts, a service mind-set and a desire to integrate spirituality into your moment to moment living. Now, when you become out of alignment with the Divine, you re-align in a faster, more graceful time frame. By living a dedicated spiritual life, you naturally lead others along their spiritual journey.

6. FREEDOM: In this last stage, you are rewarded for all your dedication to your spiritual journey with love, peace, joy and abundance. Divine love is experi- enced by a whole heart that shares love in an unconditional manner. Divine peace is practiced by knowing that you are never alone and that you are One with the Divine. Divine joy is accom- plished by seeing the world though the Divine’s positive lens. Divine abundance is achieved by making an impact on oth- ers’ lives through unwavering service.

I have discovered that living a life in align-

ment with Divine energies will lead you to feel connected, peaceful, joyful and abundant – but it requires a deep commitment to your spiritual journey. On my own journey, I have been guided by spiritual mentors who have led me to places of Divine healing and knowing – while paying it back (and forward) by being a pathfi nder for many at the same time. Please reach out to me and we will explore together, how to help you fi gure out what stage you are at and what it would take to move to your next stage of spiritual success.

Robin Clare is a channel for the Ascended Masters, an advanced Akashic Record Reader and a highly regarded spiritual teacher and community leader. She is the author of Messiah Within

and the Amazon Best Selling spiritual book, The Divine Keys. Robin is described by many clients as "intelligent, intuitive, connected, caring, peaceful and loving." For over a decade Robin has served an as ambassador between the Divine realm and our day-to- day world. Robin has answered questions for hundreds of clients on how to be successful in any aspect of their life. By understanding your purpose, your success blockers and how to optimize your relationships, you will fi nd greater happiness in your life. A Clare-ity Akashic Record Session connects you to the most loving guidance available for your life. Invite Robin to speak with your community about how to live a divinely inspired life. To learn more about Robin, please go to www. or call 860-232-3331. Please mention Natural Nutmeg to receive $50 off your fi rst session with Robin. See ad on page 16.

How You Eat Affects How You Feel Do You Suffer from Anxiety

Reduce Your Joint Pain Chronic pain is often caused by inflammation in the body. A poor diet will commonly contribute to joint aches and pain. Working with a nutri- tionist to improve your diet and lifestyle can greatly benefit how you feel on a daily basis.

Do You Experience Chronic Holly Niles, Clinical Nutritionist Call NOW!

860-519-1916 to schedule a nutritional consultation with a nutritional expert!

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Digestive Discomfort? Are you ruled by your gut? Do you experience bloating, gas, abdominal pain? How we eat and what we eat can greatly affect how we feel throughout the day and night. Our Nutrition Team can teach you how to eat healthy without ‘going on a diet’.

or Depression? Many people don’t know that most of our mood modulating brain chemicals are produced in our gut. If our gut is inflamed, our mood is often affected. By learning how to eat in a healthier and more nourishing way, we can improve our mental health.

Our Approach Our approach to nutrition is to help our clients find practical ways to enjoy making healthy changes in their life. Being on a diet is never fun and rarely brings about long-lasting changes. But learning how to change your lifestyle to include more whole foods can bring about huge benefits in how we feel. 35

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