A Divine Approach to Success By Robin Clare

cess strategy provided by the Divine would apply to any endeavor in your life.


For example, the Divine’s success strat- egy can be applied to developing happy re- lationships, designing a career strategy or a new business, creating a community event, or manifesting healing from illness or addic-

re you a spiritual being having a human being experience? If you are, then it would make sense that a suc-

tion. Here are the six stages of success from the view of the spiritual journey - because that is how I learned them.

One day, I was driving in my car and I heard these four words spoken by the Divine; “Commitment, Mastery, Service and Leadership.” I thought to myself, yes, that sounds like a productive path. Two weeks later while driving down the same street, I heard the same four words plus one more from the Divine, “Commitment, Mastery, Service, Leadership and Freedom.”

This time, I answered aloud, “Of

course! Who would not want to reach freedom?”

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1. AWARENESS: The fi rst stage begins when you realize that there is more to this life than just what you can experi- ence through your fi ve senses. This sixth sense connects you to a knowing that there is a presence available to you that exists beyond the confi nes of your

Since I always seem to receive spiritual guidance in derivatives of three, I knew there must be one more out there for me; and yet, I couldn’t imagine anything to top the guidance of “freedom.” The Divine be- gan to laugh and said, “That’s because it is on the other end: Awareness, Commitment, Mastery, Service, Leadership and Freedom.”

Of course, all great successes begin

with Awareness and end with Freedom but it takes dedicated Commitment, Mastery, Service and Leadership in between! Within the next week, I boarded a train to take a 6-hour ride to Northern Vermont. All along my train journey, The Divine continued the conversation by explaining each stage, as follows:

normal daily life. This warm, loving presence called Spirit or the Divine has always been a part of your life, even though you may not have been aware.

2. COMMITMENT: The second stage be- gins when you must know more about this extraordinary presence in your life. You begin to read, to take classes, to venture into conversations with others. Regardless of the reaction of others, you tenaciously stay on your path. In this stage, synchronistic events become more prevalent in your life as the Divine begins to communicate with you.

3. MASTERY: The third stage begins when you move from a strong curiosity to a full commitment to become the spiritual person that you keep reading about in books or listening to in class. You dive deeper into the teachings of Spiritual Masters and you begin to heal the trau- mas from this lifetime and past lifetimes. Spiritual Seekers love to seek and often get stuck in the mastery stage. Moving beyond mastery is vital because you are required to serve as well.

4. SERVICE: If you are on your spiritual journey, then you are on this planet to serve. Fortunately, you have opportuni- ties to serve yourself, your family, your community and our world. You can serve in both your personal and profes- sional life. For example, you can serve others by simply holding the door open for another or by creating a service business. Just know, the more you serve, the more you emulate the Divine in this world.

5. LEADERSHIP: By this stage of your spiri- tual journey, you have gathered a deep

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