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BIM Level 2 – Are you in the 90 per cent that believes the industry is not ready?

sector building projects to be BIM Level 2 compliant, which represents a significant milestone on the journey towards the digital- isation of the built environment. However, despite BIM being very much the industry ‘buzzword’ many people still do not fully understand BIM, its capabilities or where we are on the roadmap towards Level 3.

B Bauder and bespoke BIM

At Bauder we fully acknowledge these chal- lenges, which is why we actively support our clients and suppliers with the development of their own BIM knowledge and objects, as we realise that this can only be beneficial for everyone involved. Last year we extended our BIM offering

with the launch of 19 new generic water- proofing system objects and we can now also provide totally bespoke objects, which incor-

porate full model data in COBie format and can be accessed in many of the other popular software programmes, such as Vectorworks and Bentley, via a plug in. In fact, our ever- evolving BIM object library now includes well over 100 models for our single ply waterproofing systems alone, covering every possible build-up permutation. In order to receive a bespoke object and the associated guarantee you will need to register your

ack in April last year the UK govern- ment’s BIM mandate came into force, requiring all centrally procured public

project with us so that we can in turn provide you with the required technical support to ensure that the object is most suitable to meet the exact requirements of your building. An example of this is providing project specific wind uplift calculations, as they can obvi- ously differ significantly based on a building’s location and surrounding environment.

Future of BIM

Realising all of the benefits of BIM may not quite be on the horizon, but with the way that the industry is now wanting its data BIM clearly represents the future of how people will be constructing buildings, and it may well get to a point where if you cannot provide data in the required format you simply will not be able to trade. For more information on BIM and

to download your free objects now visit the website.

01473 257671

GRP door & window canopies from Canopies UK

We have supplied more than 30,000 canopies throughout the UK to housing associations, contractors, house builders and local authorities.

With a standard range of popular canopy designs, a bespoke manufacturing facility and installation service if required, Canopies UK offer the complete solution.

Free site visit CAD drawings

Full fixing kits Delivery nationwide

For a quote call Greg now on: T: 01254 777002 M: 07846 423812

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