EQUITONE facade materials provide perfect solution for two educational facilities


esigned by architects for architects, EQUITONE fibre cement facade materials from Marley Eternit have

been specified on two school constructions for their design flexibility, durability and creativity. The EQUITONE materials were chosen as

part of two separate developments located in Manchester and Burton upon Trent to add an individual and effective element to their exteriors. The newly constructed primary school,

located in New Islington, Manchester, has been completed with EQUITONE [tectiva] fibre cement facade material, while Burton and South Derbyshire University Technical College (UTC) has been transformed with the use of EQUITONE [natura]. The £4.3 million development of the New Islington School, led by Cassidy + Ashton Architects and Conlon Construction Ltd, was funded entirely by the Department of Education to provide primary school pupils with a permanent place to learn following the increase in students throughout the area. EQUITONE [tectiva] was specified for the project due to its low maintenance properties and to help meet the requirements of a modular build. Speaking of the build, Frank McCabe, Associate at Cassidy + Ashton Architects, said: “As the construction period we had available was shorter than normal, this meant we needed resilient materials which could be installed within this time frame. This led us to the decision of adopting a modular build. “Our brief was to create an aesthetic that represented a natural concrete panel, but we also needed a durable material with installa- tion methods to match our chosen method of building. EQUITONE was the perfect material to help us achieve this.” EQUITONE [natura] has been specified as

part of a remodel, refurbishment and new build extension project that places Burton and South Derbyshire University Technical College at the forefront of teaching for Systems and Production Engineering and Health Science.

The £8.6 million development was built by

BAM Construct and designed by Bond Bryan Architects. Gonzalo Carmona, Project Architect at

Bond Bryan Architects, commented: “The renovation and extension of the project has created an elegant and sophisticated develop- ment that flatters and complements the proportion and style of the existing building. “As a listed property, one of our key challenges was centered upon creating a new construction that added to and comple- mented the natural character of the original brick and stone structure. The red tone of EQUITONE [natura] complemented the brick of the existing building as well as the surrounding properties, creating a crisp, cohesive and contemporary construction. “Another main part of the specification

was to use materials that were low mainte- nance, whilst still in keeping with the style of a listed building. EQUITONE [natura] cladding was the perfect building solution due to its smooth texture and composition which reflects the brick tones of the property.” The architects chose EQUITONE to add a

contemporary feel to the renovation, with the red hues marrying modern and traditional

aesthetics together. Bruce Raw, Director at Bond Bryan Architects, added: “The Burton and South Derbyshire UTC renovation is a fantastic example of how fibre cement materi- als can add a practical yet visually appealing element to a construction. The combination of old and new has really helped to make the UTC a fantastic development.” EQUITONE [tectiva] is a through coloured

fibre cement material that offers elegant shades of natural colour providing a unique aesthetic effect. Characterised by the fine sanded lines and naturally occurring hues within the material, these enhance the natural matt appearance which comes to life with the effects of light and shade. EQUITONE [natura] fibre cement material

is available in a range of through colours. Offering a tactile, smooth surface that allows the textures of the fibre cement to show through. All EQUITONE materials provide archi-

tects with the ability to bring inspirational designs to life through a range of colours, finishes and fixing options giving full creative scope.

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